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Tomorrow’s newspaper?

by Rohin, on 19th October, 2005

Editors Weblog announces that a new site has just been launched, which is nothing short of a media revolution. At least that’s what the chief exec of would have us believe. So what is it?

It’s effectively a newsreader, in that it scours hundreds of newspapers, magazines and other major information outlets - including blogs - but goes further than Google or Yahoo newsreaders, which work on a simplistic keyword-based system, and RSS readers, which simply use a story’s first paragraph. scans articles from major publications and creates an index of important elements in the article, providing related stories to those elements and making them far more searchable.

The Search Engine Journal (yes, it exists) claims that the new site’s USP is its comprehensive nature, incorporating an algorithm which determines key concepts such as topics, industries, people, places and companies in the story.

And following on from Sunny mentioning Indian outsourcing companies, I bring this interesting New York-based site to your attention for another reason - over half of its 55 employees are based in India.

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Blacks angry over Asian rape claim in B’ham

by Sunny, on 19th October, 2005

Trouble is brewing in Birmingham it seems, with the black community angry over claims that an Asian shop owner and 18 other Asian men gang-raped a 14 year old African girl at the back of their shop in the Perry Barr area, Birmingham. Last night about 300 black people in the area staged a demonstration calling for justice.

Protestors are vowing to continue the demonstration today and stage a protest march on Saturday. Just about 10 minutes ago, I got an email from Ligali, which said this:

We must state that this story has not been confirmed as the family has yet to make a formal complaint. Nonetheless the national media seems to have deemed this story insignificant with coverage by the BBC and other major media institutions being almost non existent making it almost impossible to verify ‘officially’.

Regardless of this we are calling for everyone in the African British community to boycott Asian businesses in support of our Birmingham cousins until the Asian community breaks the ‘wall of silence’ it has erected hiding the truth or protecting the paedophiles involved in this alleged heinous crime.

[Link] I can see they are pissed off at such a heinous crime, but it has not been confirmed she was raped by Asian guys and there is no evidence to back up that the Asian community is “hiding or protecting” these bastards. In fact I’d be happy to see their balls on a plate.

A national boycott is surely taking it too far? Why should Asians everywhere be blamed for the activity of a gang of criminals? Ligali is generalising in a way it warns others against doing so with regards to the Afro-Caribbean community. If you hear anything more on this story, email us.

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