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China comes to Town

by Rohin, on 17th October, 2005

In just a few weeks, Hu Jintao, the Chinese President, will be arriving on our fair shores for a five day jaunt. Over the last few months, vast amounts of column yards have been dedicated to ‘Chindia’ in the press all over the world.

China and India have been identified as massive emerging economies. But as the world becomes somewhat more knowledgeable about these two Asian giants, so too are the differences emerging, such as Shankar Acharya’s forceful assertion that these neighbours are far from equal. This weekend saw an unfortunate event which may have repercussions when the Chinese party comes to the UK in November.

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Hizb ut-Tahrir caught with pants down

by Sunny, on 17th October, 2005

The brainwashed followers of Hizb ut-Tahrir have been recruiting under the name Stop Islamophobia, Sunday Times’ Ali Hussain revealed yesterday. He found their stalls in freshers fairs at Luton University, SOAS, Queen Mary and London Metropolitan University.

He met Shazad Ali from UCL who, in his infinite wisdom, said: “You definitely can’t have (Jews) as close friends.” Foolio. Then he meets Razaq who recently asked a HuT ’sheikh’ about suicide bombings. The reply was:

I can strap a bomb to myself and kill as many people as I can. I’m going to die shahid (martyr) and go to jannah (heaven).
Ban them already, please! Then Razaq says:
Stop Islamophobia is set up by us. But we don’t actually push it like that. The moment they link Hizb ut-Tahrir with Stop Islamophobia, they’ll bring the whole campaign down.
… and mess it up for Muslims who are genuinely (and without a sinister agenda) working to stop Islamophobia. HuT’s rebranding isn’t surprising, but their audacity to piggy-back on other issues is well, typical I guess. What next, using a stall supposedly raising money for Kashmir?

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Blogs: a weekly round up of chatter

by Sunny, on 17th October, 2005

A slightly shaky start as I was supposed to publish this yesterday, but here goes anyway. Readers are welcome to send me links for next week’s round-up.

1) Haroon asks whether “the [Kashmiri] rubble popped a Jihadi bubble” in Osama, Osama, Where Art Thou?.

2) Sonia Faleiro in Mumbai writes an excellent series of profiles of former dance bar girls in the city. Former because it recently banned the whole trade. She sheds light on how they’re coping since (first, second, third).

3) Marc recently launched Campaign for Secular Education blog (support!), and MWW has a hilarious post possibly from the BK cone guy!

4) Simon Barrow writes on the demonstration against the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (Rohan on the bill itself) and finds it ironic that “Christians who called for a ban on Jerry Springer – The Opera were now singing the praises of ‘free speech’”. Heh. I wrote on this before here and here.

5) Think-tank Civitas not too happy with Lee Jasper’s tirade against Trevor Phillips.

6) Yusuf Smith is launching Blogistan to “represent the true, moderate face of Islam in Britain” and be a counterweight to “certain media monitoring sites run by immature people”, and is looking for volunteer bloggers. He starts by pointing out MPAC’s tendency for “hand-wringing and mud-flinging”.

Update: 7) Couldn’t resist adding Curious Hamster’s dissection of Jack Straw on Newsnight. He’s becoming slimier than Bush’s Scott McCellan. [via Worstall]

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