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The problem with Muslim baby names…

by Sunny, on 16th October, 2005

…is that some are rapidly going out of fashion. Pickled Politics contributor Fe’reeha has just had a baby and wrote from the hospital about predicament she is in. Her husband was of the opinion that the way some Muslim names are coming into the limelight, soon it’ll be a real tough decision to find a non-controversial name.

I guess for the time being Omar, Bakri, Sidiq, Haseeb, Shehzad and Tanveer are already out. And God forbid, Osama and Zarqawi are not even worth mentioning…
Her son’s name? Hamzah. Doh! She adds:
Even though I really like the name Hamzah, which means brave like a lion and is mostly named after Ameer Hamzah of Arab, who was a very brave and pious man in 6th BC, I tried hard to not name my son that.

But the name was chosen by my father in law long before Masood (my husband) even met me… and hence long before the days of Abu Hamza of Finsbury Mosque.

Besides, It’s still hard to make people of that generation make understand why are we hesitant if our child share the name with an Imam (which should be a matter of pleasure indeed *groan*).

Though having Fe’reeha as a mother should help little Hamzah, Surely others will want something less controversial?

A majority of Muslim names have Muhammed as a first or middle name out of respect for the prophet, but what do you do if it may present to be a hindrance? Two of Fe’reeha’s friends recently had baby boys and named them Adam and Abraham respectively, only because these names sounded more English than Muslim. It helped of course that the two are also prophets in Islam.

Gargi Bhattacharyya talked of the same issue in the Guardian recently, giving birth to a son on the 2nd of July in a half-Hindu and half-Muslim family. In the current climate she says, it’s better to have a girl than a boy.

I think I agree with her. Long live baby girls!

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