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Kashmir relief starts winding down, aid still needed

by Sunny, on 14th October, 2005

After six days and nights of pure hell, the relief efforts in Kashmir and Pakistan are winding down. That means there is little hope of recovering more people buried alive under the rubble.

The problems for the millions affected still remain. The coming winter is one. The UN says an estimated two million people need rehousing. The reconstruction will take years.

The Pak govt is importing 50,000 tents from India, but dismissed reports that Indian troops crossed the LoC to help Pakistani troops in relief. The terrorists wouldn’t be too impressed with that. Already, thunderstorms and rains are expected to cause more problems. Hopelessness is setting in.

If you can help or donate, please do.

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Dutch remain paranoid about Islam

by Al-Hack, on 14th October, 2005

The Dutch government is instigating a bit of a war against the Burqa, which Muslim women wear to cover themselves fully.

Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk has proposed a ban on the wearing of Muslim burkas - full-length veils covering the face - in certain public places, to prevent people avoiding identification.
Practical or over the top? I get the feeling that the Dutch are doing everything possible to restrict freedom of religion for Muslims.
The authorities in the Dutch city of Utrecht have reduced unemployment benefit for women who say their refusal to remove their burkas is preventing them getting jobs. The measure was prompted by the case of two burka-clad women who said they did not attend job interviews.
It’s difficult to figure out where to stand on this. If they don’t want to work due to the burqa, then it’s their own choice, they shouldn’t be claiming benefits. Last year several Belgian towns, including Antwerp and Ghent, banned the wearing of the burka in public. Why punish everyone in the name of one mad nutter?

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Just cut their balls off, for “cultural” reasons

by Sunny, on 14th October, 2005

I hate it when someone tries the old “we’re Asian, please be lenient” excuse when they’ve committed a serious crime. It should be all the more reason for a harsher sentence IMO. Did your mum not raise you properly, fool?

Take for example these three rapists in Australia who are claiming that because their [Pakistani] culture sees women in a degrading way, their actions should be excused.

A violent gang rapist should have been given a lesser sentence partly because he was a “cultural time bomb” whose attacks were inevitable, as he had emigrated from a country with traditional views of women, his barrister has argued.

MSK, who, with his three Pakistani brothers, raped several girls at their Ashfield family home over six months in 2002, was affected by “cultural conditioning … in the context of intoxification”, Stephen Odgers, SC, told the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday.

Mr Odgers said the new evidence showed that he had a disease, which, combined with alcohol and the cultural conditioning of “a society with very traditional views of women”, was “clearly a factor in the commissioning of these offences”.

After their balls have been cut off, for cultural reasons you see, their barrister should also get a slap for having the gall to use that line of reasoning. People like this really piss me off. [via DSTPFW]

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