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‘Muslims and neo-Nazis’

by Sunny, on 12th October, 2005

Like an increasing number of commentators these days on current affairs, Melanie Phillips has lost all sense of proportion. Actually, she lost any sense of balance years ago but a recent rant shows how, like many others, all Muslims automatically get equated with being Nazis or anti-semitic.

Phillips was angry about a BBC Radio 4 documentary broadcast on Sunday titled A war Against Prejudice.

It looked at the work of the British Jewish defence organisation called the Community Security Trust (CST), and implied that statistics on attacks on Jews were inflated to give the organisation more relevance. No, it wasn’t going to go down too well.

She dismissed the two Jews on the programme who concurred with this view as “utterly unrepresentative of the mainstream Jewish community”, one simply because he was involved in Jewish-Muslim dialogue. Yeah, because that shouldn’t be allowed.

The third accuser was Inayat Bunglwala of the MCB and clearly makes an easy target because he’s not exactly an unbiased commentator. Cue some questions Bunglawala should be asked himself. Then this:

Anyone who talks to the police will know that the Jewish community in Britain has to be guarded against the very real threat of attack from both Muslims and neo-Nazis.

Every single synagogue or communal event has to be guarded. It is a threat we Jews all live with, daily. We also have to live daily with the pathological hatred of Jewish nationhood that now courses through this country’s media, along with routine claims of a global Jewish conspiracy.

The words ‘mad’ and ‘freak’ come to mind. Melanie Phillips obviously loves competing with the MCB in the paranoid stakes.

If I understand her rightly, either most Britons are anti-semitic or every single Muslim is going around with a murderous anti-semitic agenda. No mention of the recent rise in attacks on Muslims but we’ll let it slide. She has a point to prove. Without statistics or anything, mind you.

There are two points to make here. Her assertion that Jews have to fear Muslims and neo-Nazis (together) is beyond despicable and, I guess, reflects the sorry state of her mind.

It is also interesting how her behaviour compares to the MCB’s. When the latter replied to the Observer’s accusations just before the Panorama documentary, it also tried to malign the dissenting voice of Abdul-Rehman Malik from Q-News by dismissing the magazine.

The Muslim Council of Britain was itself accused of the same charge as the CST earlier this year by Kenan Malik, saying it was hyping up Islamophobia.

Competition between religious groups to be labelled as ‘most sensitive’ and hype up paranoia has been going on for a while (and linked by HP). So the accusation is not beyond the realms of reality.

For Melanie Phillips though, this equates to anti-semitism and she uses the incident to once again slur all Muslims when all she needed to do was ask the MCB some legitimate but uncomfortable questions. So typical, and she has the audacity to accuse the BBC of ‘racist libel’.

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