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15 new terrorist organisations to be banned

by Sunny, on 10th October, 2005

The government it seems has finally had enough of tolerating extremist organisations that coordinate their worldwide operations from London. About time too.

Fifteen international groups believed to be terrorist organisations are set to be banned, the Home Office has said. These are on top of 25 international organisations already proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000, and a further 14 already banned in Northern Ireland.

They include groups with links to Iraq, Uzbekistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Morocco. The government is also planning to change the law so that it can ban groups which glorify terrorism.

Should they also ban Hizb ut-Tahrir? I’m still undecided on that one, even though they’re a bunch of pompous chimpanzees who think they know it all.

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Kashmir earthquake: news and blogs round-up

by Al-Hack, on 10th October, 2005

The death toll from Pakistan’s worst ever natural disaster has hit around 40,000. The number of deaths in India has reached 689.

It was the strongest there for 70 years, and is a result of the sub-continent ‘moving forward‘ apparently. Around a 140 small tremors have hit Pakistan since the big one.

The disaster may ease tensions even further between India and Pakistan, although American Christian evangelist Pat Robertson isn’t too optimistic, claiming that all this points to the return of Christ.

There are estimated to be around 600,000 Kashmiri Britons, many of who retain strong ties back home. Most are from Mirpur and Kotli districts of the Pakistan controlled part of Kashmir. [Assoc. of British Kashmiris]

In a Five Live doc last month, Navid Akhtar reported on a community in crisis. He argued that when the community arrived from rural Kashmir in the 1950s, it maintained tribal allegiances, and refused to integrate. Only now leaders acknowledge that their community is in crisis and feels it needs to stop seeing itself as a victim and start reforms from within.

The Independent reports on anxious British Kashmiris and their rush to go to the area and find loved ones.

From the Blogosphere…
Juan Valdez asks if earthquakes are increasing in frequency. Islamabad based Shahzada Hatim has initial reactions, and so does Shivam Vij from India.

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