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Muslims demand more change to something!

by Sunny, on 6th October, 2005

Every week a new controversy comes up where Muslims have supposedly asked for something to be banned or changed.

But examine each issue and they are mostly either conjured up by the media or the result of “well-meaning but misguided” individuals.

The result is that Muslims are villified even though most are unaware of these controversies or, going by online chatter, scarcely care for them. In all of the cases I mention, there was no consultation or a grassroots campaign - just media hype.

Yet newspapers and blogs jump on board with another excuse to bash Muslims. Shouldn’t “liberals” be rising above it?

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Where is the love?

by Sunny, on 6th October, 2005

Leslie from the new blog Points of Jew makes a good point:

I remember going along to an event organised by London Mayor Ken Livingstone a couple of years and I recall both Jews and Muslims there. But they didn’t really talk to each other.

At this time of year when both Jews and Muslims are having holy days, where are the joint events? Why hasn’t the Board of Deputies wished well the Muslim community during Ramadan and likewise, why hasn’t the Muslim Council of Britain wished the Jewish community well during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Ahhh, but that would be too much to ask for wouldn’t it?

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