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  • David vs. David: Tory leadership battle is down to the final two

    by Nush
    20th October, 2005 at 10:18 pm    

    Cameron Vs. DavisDavid Davis was in for a shock today, David Cameron over took him by 33 votes in the second round of voting today. From the three remaining leadership contenders, we are now down to the final two.

    Mr Cameron topped the poll, taking 90 of a possible 198 votes, while Mr Davis was second on 57. Rival Liam Fox was eliminated after gaining 51 votes.

    With Liam Fox MP now out of the race the former Chairman of the Party, teased the press by saying:

    Now of course with two candidates left they will be looking for an endorsement and I will be listening with very great interest in the coming weeks to see what the candidates have to say.

    The 33 vote difference Cameron had on Davis could still mean that technically Davis can stand down in the Leadership race. However there has been no indication whatsoever that Davis will do so. Instead it looks like the next six weeks are going to be filled with campaign trails to the grassroots who hold those vital votes.

    Both Cameron and Davis will now frantically get out the constituencies to meet the grassroots’ who will decide their fate. This is no walk in the garden; this is 300,000 members of The Conservative Party from all over the country.

    Finally this article shows that although Cameron may have a slick campaign and is currently riding a good tide, it is not long before the fall comes and quite honestly Davis hasn’t had his positive spin yet. This leads me to the forecast that the final ballot may be a close one. Many of the MPs that voted for Cameron in this second round may revert back to Davis now that Fox is out of the running.

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    1. ContraryMary — on 20th October, 2005 at 11:38 pm  

      The Conservatives will remain unelectable until they undergo the same sort of rebranding process as Labour to New Labour.

      Their current image/brand is too tainted by the non-entities Major, Hague and Duncan-Smith; their heyday was the 1980s and Maggie - a clean, clear break with the past is what the Conservatives need.

    2. Steve M — on 21st October, 2005 at 12:00 am  

      I don’t agree. Gordon Brown is no Tony Blair, the economy is on the down and Cameron, if the Conservatives elect him, makes good noises.

      The Tories were last in power before 1997. Whilst many people don’t move much in their voting, over 20% of the electorate at the next election will have never experienced a Tory government.

      The Labour party needed rebranding because they were considered to be under the thumbs of the unions and because the British had lost faith in the Socialist ideal. Electing a Thatcherite as their leader achieved the rebranding required, and they moved to the centre. The Conservative party continue to occupy the centre ground.

      It will come down to a fashion decision and a Cameron led Tory party could have the fresher look and feel.

    3. T Nathan — on 21st October, 2005 at 1:12 am  

      conservative party is not a fashion , it’s a way of life.

      Who actually is a member and thus has a vote. I do. I’m going davis.

    4. David — on 21st October, 2005 at 10:51 am  

      Whoever wins, David Davies or “Charlie” Cameron, will lead the Tory party into a battle with Labour over the “centre ground”. What’s the point in that? If it’s the centre ground you’re occupying, what does it matter whether you are wearing a red tie or a blue tie?

      The conservative party are pointless.

    5. Rohin — on 21st October, 2005 at 10:56 am  

      This is a bit of a turn-up. I didn’t see Fox running Davis so close, but thank God he’s out of the running. I park outside Cameron’s old house in Tooting every morning, so I’ll support him. Seems as good a reason as any other I’ve heard.

    6. krazie — on 21st October, 2005 at 11:47 am  

      Cameron will end up being another IDS.

      Bring back Hague!!

    7. Nindy — on 21st October, 2005 at 1:26 pm  

      Cameron bizarreky looks and acts like Tony Blair. Maybe the Tories will be the “New” Labour we all expected!!!

    8. Siddharth — on 21st October, 2005 at 3:27 pm  

      New Labour were the Tories we all despised.

      The question is, when are we going to get an opposition?

    9. Vladimir — on 21st October, 2005 at 5:20 pm  

      scum scum Torry fuck’in scum!!! :)

    10. T Nathan — on 21st October, 2005 at 9:36 pm  

      It does make a difference which side of the centre you’re in. As Blair said himself, that he would have gone further with free-market reform, he’s been held down by Trotskyites.

      “Progression” or “reform” is moving rightwards led by the intellectual rigour from the right thinking men, labour has simply slowed the process . somethings are just inevitable.

      Vladimir – you Slavic parasite !

    11. Vladimir — on 22nd October, 2005 at 2:27 am  

      oi chup kutta, don’t disrespect the name of vladimir ilyich ulyanov. The proletarians have nothing to lose but thier chains. They have a world to win. Its not surpriseing what’Torry Blur’ would do.

      scum scum Torry fuck’in scum!!!

    12. T Nathan — on 22nd October, 2005 at 11:10 am  

      1) What’s a “chup kutta”, sorry im not versed in your Slavic lingo.

      2) So i take it your a Marxist. My sympathies goes out to you and your family.

      3) Who’s a proletarian , no one’s enslaving you , aren’t you in this country by will ? or were you shipped in as part of the eastern european sex traffic ? then im sorry.

      4) Marxism is dead. communism is dead. socialism is dead. you are not about to win anything.

      5) No you shouldn’t be surprised what would happen under tories.

      6) “scum” ? explain . don’t throw mud without explaining yourself .

      What are you -Russian? Bosnian? polish ?

    13. Vladimir — on 22nd October, 2005 at 12:32 pm  

      Why do i borther with twats like you. Read my message again. Take a look around you Socialism is not dead you may think its dead in your very own little enclosed world . In fact socialism is in fact far from dead.

      My actual name is Sandeep but I usally like to use the name Vladimir in rememberance of vladimir ilyich ulyanov.

      The conservative party are very much Scum not only the current Torry party who is trying to get a ‘new’ image but the torry party of the 1980′s and even the Torry party in the late 19th century were Scum. The fact is that the Torry party only want the best for the already privileged, if they should do anything inovative it is an attempt to get back into power and not a genuine desire to change.

      I feel sorry for T Nathan who lives in a enclosed world where he seems to think that the nationality of someone is important. We all know nationalism is the extention of your penis and his of no value to us as individual humans. But if you must know I am currently in England.

      chup kutta is not slavik as I am sure sommeone on here will be willing to explain to you.

    14. Kulvinder — on 24th October, 2005 at 4:28 pm  

      Ah vladimir sandeep, comrade we shall over throw the bourgeoisie, when the revolution comes the blue flag will fall etc etc

      4) Marxism is dead. communism is dead. socialism is dead. you are not about to win anything.

      Id agree with the first two, the inclusion of the latter is kinda absurd.

      As for the tory party I don’t think it ultimately matters who leads them, one is a silvered haired non entity and the other is a blair lite happy chappy as keen as a labrador puppy. The tory party needs reform not a make over.

      btw chup kutta is ‘quiet dog/pipe down dog’

    15. Don — on 26th October, 2005 at 11:10 am  

      ‘I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it. Suppose any party, in addition to whatever share it may possess of the ability of the community, had nearly the whole of its stupidity, that party must by the laws of its constitution, be the stupidest party; and I do not see why honourable gentlemen should see that position as at all offensive to them, for it ensures their always being an extremely powerful party.’

      John Stuart Mill

    16. mike morely — on 27th November, 2005 at 4:43 pm  

      Im not a member of the tory party but i did vote tory last election because i genuinely thought their policies were better, i was sad enough to actually read both labour and tory and lib dem manifesto policies and it was tory on about 75% of the issues lib dem were right on about 25% with labour also getting it right on 25% of issues. i dont have any “favourite” party i do each election individually.
      oh and i think david davis is the one who i want to win.

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