Losing the plot

by Sunny
29th May, 2010 at 6:38 pm    

I didn’t bother fisking Gita Sahgal’s article on openDemocracy, who should be ashamed for publishing such libellous rubbish, but someone else has. Alex points out the Amnesty rule.

Jamie K is more worried about Oxfam’s killer robots. Flying Rodent wants product recall.

Update 2: Kevin Blowe joins in. Reuben also wades in.

And so my friends, it appears that years after the Euston Manifesto was launched with promise of a new, better kind of left, the movement has whittled down to this: a mildly entertaining website in which any blotches of red and swamped by huge dollops of red-baiting. And a star spokeswoman who appears embarassingly divorced from both reason and reality, as she peddles the same old line about lefties and fundamentalists.

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