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    Kashmir relief starts winding down, aid still needed

    by Sunny on 14th October, 2005 at 8:48 pm    

    After six days and nights of pure hell, the relief efforts in Kashmir and Pakistan are winding down. That means there is little hope of recovering more people buried alive under the rubble.

    The problems for the millions affected still remain. The coming winter is one. The UN says an estimated two million people need rehousing. The reconstruction will take years.

    The Pak govt is importing 50,000 tents from India, but dismissed reports that Indian troops crossed the LoC to help Pakistani troops in relief. The terrorists wouldn’t be too impressed with that. Already, thunderstorms and rains are expected to cause more problems. Hopelessness is setting in.

    If you can help or donate, please do.

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    1. jamal — on 17th October, 2005 at 2:14 am  

      More definatly needs to be done. Earlier, I came across a post on a site I read which rightfully said;

      “….an American disaster is 40 times more valuable and worthy of mass attention and concern than a non-western one”…. …”40 times more valuable because as the death toll is fast approaching 40 times more than Katrina, the mainstream (core), mainstream (periphery) and periphery media have yet to exhibit that level of observable and quantifiable ‘care’ and ‘compassion’ witnessed in the aforementioned.”

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