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    Phillipa Stroud’s church

    by Sunny on 2nd May, 2010 at 11:15 pm    

    Jonathan Bartley at Ekklesia writes more about Phillipa Stroud, the Tory PPC at the centre of a storm around her views on gays.

    He says:

    The paper has focused on her views about homosexuality. But there is a far more important issue, and that is who would have influence and ‘authority’ over Mrs Stroud if she were elected?

    The New Frontiers Church that she attends, and of which her husband is one of the main leaders, teaches that a husband has ‘authority’ over his wife, and that a wife should submit to a husband’s will in all things. The husband is seen as the ‘servant leader’. I know this from close personal experience of the church, and that it runs incredibly deep in the church. Indeed, it is fundamental to their religious approach. See this excerpt from the church’s 17 values which suggests that there must be “joyful female submission” in a marriage (value no. 7):

    The question must be asked of Philippa Stroud whether, in the event she was elected to Parliament, she would on any occasion ‘submit’ to her husband’s will and vote in a way that he thought was right, even if it contradicted her own position, the promises she had made to voters, or the manifesto on which she was elected?

    Good question. I wonder if Ms Stroud is going to tell us what she really believes.

    I’ve written about this before here for the New Statesman. The Tories are allied to some incredibly reactionary elements and so far the media has given them an incredibly easy ride over it. Even now, the BBC hasn’t bothered covering the story at all.

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    1. Britblog Roundup No 267 - Philobiblon

      [...] For something different, Mary Beard has been looking at ancient Roman political gaffes, and Chicken Yoghurt has been looking inside David Cameron’s head, and Sunny on Pickled Politics has been looking into the religion of Phillipa Stroud. [...]

    2. Racing Hippo

      Religious extremists like this shouldn't be allowed anywhere near government. I won't vote Tory. http://is.gd/bTgXJ http://is.gd/bTgTC #ge10

    3. Kat Sumner

      #Philipa Stroud and the #media silence is an absolute disgrace - http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/8525

    4. Kat Sumner

      #PhilipaStroud and the #media silence is an absolute disgrace - http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/8525

    5. Sally Thomas

      RT @RacingHippo: Religious extremists like this shouldn't be allowed anywhere near government. I won't vote Tory. http://is.gd/bTgXJ http://is.gd/bTgTC #ge10

    6. Mark Ramsden

      RT @pickledpolitics Pickled Politics » Phillipa Stroud’s church http://bit.ly/b142gc

    7. Claire Louise Howell

      #PhilippaStroud believes her husband has dominion over her? http://bit.ly/9bX2qW

    8. cardomecards

      RT @ClaraHowell: #PhilippaStroud believes her husband has dominion over her? http://bit.ly/9bX2qW #GE2010 #election2010 #Brighton

    9. Brighton Hove

      RT @CardomeCards: RT @ClaraHowell: PhilippaStroud believes her husband has dominion over her? http://bit.ly/9bX2qW... http://bit.ly/c5ac6Z

    10. Jaif Deri

      FYI, this is who is in power http://bit.ly/cCXsx9 Philippa Stroud influences David Cameron. Mr Stroud tells her what to think.

    11. Will Cameron-Clegg deliver on equality?

      [...] there was the Tory candidate, Philippa Stroud, a close Cameron adviser on families, who actually ran a church that attempted to cure gay [...]

    1. Shamit — on 3rd May, 2010 at 12:37 am  

      Well done Sunny. Excellent stuff mate.

      Also, we promoted this and your NS article here:


      Even though we disagree on who people should vote for this election - you went for Lib dems - I think Cameron deserves a chance - I agree with you on this 100%.

    2. KJB — on 3rd May, 2010 at 2:07 am  


      This is the kind of thing upon which, reading it, I find myself being slightly moved in the direction of ‘joyful female murder.’

      I never understand that kind of nonsensical attempt at legitimisation; why should permanent submission be ‘joyful,’ when it’s evidently not? Even dogs aren’t going to do what you say all the time. They should just come out and say: ‘You know what women, we don’t really think you have minds, and if you do, SHUT THEM DOWN FAST. From now on, we’ll do all your thinking and talking for you, and you can do all the cleaning, cooking and sex.’

      Surely there should be a way to disqualify women who advocate or support such views from political roles, because if you think about it, they are technically only a host organism and not a real, full human individual.

    3. Hannah — on 3rd May, 2010 at 8:46 am  

      This was a question I found myself wondering earlier yesterday - although as pretty much the only woman who’s been ‘allowed’ to address a mixed gender group at an NF conference maybe she has special privileges! As someone with personal experience of NF I find that opinions on the gender issue vary a lot between churches and individuals but the leadership are very firm on their position and it’s often ‘played down’ so as to seem less offensive.

    4. Mike — on 3rd May, 2010 at 9:24 am  

      Will any gay people/couples be able to trust Ms Stroud should they seek help in respect of equality legislation, etc.?

      As for links with New Frontiers (is it coincidence that it has the same initials as a far right extremist group???) that is frightening. I too have been involved with this group in my youth - overpowering, bigotted, power hungry. Not the sort of background that should have influence in an MP’s decisions.

    5. PJP — on 3rd May, 2010 at 10:12 am  

      Her husband is also required to love her ‘like Christ loved the church’ ie give up everything for her and to try and love her more than he could ever hope to do.

      Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think a man who loves his wife (or tries to) like that would act in the way you seem to imply he might.

    6. Trofim — on 4th May, 2010 at 8:55 am  

      @ 4
      As for links with New Frontiers (is it coincidence that it has the same initials as a far right extremist group???) that is frightening.

      Good thinking Mike. My own initials happen to coincide with an abbreviation of a means of sexual gratification. It’s no coincidence.

    7. Rob Mason — on 4th May, 2010 at 11:58 am  

      I would hope that philippa like any other PPC would, if elected consider all people’s views, including those of her husband.

      Anyone who doesn’t listen to others, yet wants to lead is not fit to govern.

    8. Chris E — on 4th May, 2010 at 11:59 am  

      Usually Jonathan Bartley makes reasonable arguments. On this occasion, not so much. Politicians are influenced by all sorts of things, including their spouses, and this sort of thing is always going to be very difficult to prove. Additionally, at a purely tactical level, painting someone who gives every appearance of being a successful career woman as a catspaw isn’t going to have many buyers.

      The real issue - of course - is her personal views, and how they affect her policy making - both as a potential MP and as a member of one of the think tanks that is driving Cameron’s “Big Society”. Of which more here:


    9. charismatic — on 5th May, 2010 at 10:46 am  


      confirmation that demonic exorcism is normal in their group of churches

    10. benlemarr — on 5th May, 2010 at 1:51 pm  

      One only has to read her policies on social justice or her work with the poor to see she is authentic and the allegations made against her unfounded. The stories about her demonizing the gay community is simply not true. A casual read of her background with the homeless, gay, destitute, socially extracted or otherwise is, in my opinion a bold example of selfless action. I for one fully back Philippa and wish her all the best in the future and her candidacy. We need more authentic people like her!

    11. Gwillam R — on 6th May, 2010 at 7:04 pm  

      After researching on this lady’s background BEFORE I made up my mind and wrote a mindless comment about ‘NF’ or anything else that may deem me stupid I beg to differ. Ms Stroud seems to have done so much work with the poor and people in need that it’s puts the majority of selfish people in this country to shame. An impressive CV which, regardless of which faith she belongs inspires the most un-religious person to do something more worthwhile with their lives.
      I suggest we finally vote someone in who will act with respect and foundational values that this country used to rely on…who knows what may happen otherwise!

    12. Rasie — on 6th May, 2010 at 7:08 pm  

      By the way I am a member of New Frontiers (aka ‘NF’ churches as nicknamed here) and I am a black lady of caribbean origin (I am not the only ‘coloured’ person here!)
      Please, before putting damaging comments online think what you are saying.

    13. Verloc — on 9th May, 2010 at 6:50 pm  

      From the Newfrontiers website;

      “An arrow pointing towards Europe

      A significant change in strategy came when Terry [founder] had a vision of ‘a bow super-imposed on the south coast. An arrow pointing towards continental Europe and beyond was fitted and the bowstring drawn back into the midlands and North of England’. As a result churches have been planted all across the Midlands, Manchester and now into Scotland. We are also now serving churches in a number of nations across Europe.”

      Maybe he was watching Dad’s Army after a bottle of wine when spoken to by the Lord. Who do they think they are kidding…

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