» RT @chakrabortty: The new govt's efficiency savings are a "smokescreen for job cuts" says, um, member of the new govt http://tiny.cc/xq9nc 12 mins ago

» Turns out, under Labour party rules, during leadership election, nomination papers for dep leader also have to be sent out 1 hr ago

» Jon Cruddas ruled out a run for leader AND for deputy leader when I asked him tonight. Shame, he could have at least started a good debate 1 hr ago

» Polly Toynbee adds: "It was the worst of Old Labour tribalism that killed the Lab-Lib coalition." - also spot on. 2 hrs ago

» Polly Toynbee spot on: 'charges of same old Tories isn't going to stick anymore. This Con-Lib agreement very radical'. 2 hrs ago

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    Rod Liddle makes legal threats against us

    by Sunny on 4th February, 2010 at 9:16 pm    

    More here on Liberal Conspiracy. And he tries to style himself as a defender of free speech.

    A reader emails in to say:

    Hi there Sunny
    Love the ad for The Inde to try to prevent the ghastly Liddle being inflicted on us. Thank you for this campaign. I am very impressed that a possible donation may be made to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

    May I suggest an addition to the reasons why he shouldn’t be editor and to the list of his vile statements, please? I haven’t seen anyone pick up on something he said at the same time as the ’smoking at Auschwitz’ quote, which reveals him to be not only grossly racist, sexist and misogynist, but bigoted against disabled people.

    He remarked that the concentration camp was ‘festooned’ not only with no smoking signs, but with disabled access ramps.

    Irony, or what? Given the fate of countless disabled people at the merciless hands of the nazis … there was equality there, for sure - being considered equal to other categories of humanity deemed worthless - ‘useless eaters’ - and therefore unworthy of life.

    This man is so stupid, so arrogant, so egocentric - words fail me. Keep up the good work!


    Fair comment I’d say… no?

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    1. Tory — on 5th February, 2010 at 1:46 pm  

      Calls you a metro-elitist idiot, or something like that..

    2. Sunny — on 5th February, 2010 at 4:31 pm  

      Do you think I care? He’s pretending like he’s some rural farmer.

    3. damon — on 5th February, 2010 at 4:58 pm  

      This is the company he keeps on his ‘Millwall Online’ site which I was banned from today.
      Says they’re some of his best mates.

      Nothing (it seems) is to be taken seriously, and everything is just a big laugh.

      The opening post on this thread is clever and funny, as it seems that it’s a genuine question from a fan of another club who is coming down to Millwall on the train and wants to cycle the last bit of the journey on his bike that he’s bringing with him, and is asking do they know where’s there somewhere safe to park it during the game.


      It’s obviously not a real request from a real Norwich City fan, and is probably just one of Rod’s mates messing about for a laugh.

      If you look at this other thread, you’ll see what they like to think that people from Norwich are like.


      Is it all a freedom of speech issue?
      Like they say, ”We’re Millwall, we eat babies and take the mick out of everyone equally”.

    4. sarah — on 6th February, 2010 at 6:57 pm  

      Thanks for publicising that email Sunny. More disablist comments here:


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