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  • Trouble in Gaza, Iran and elsewhere

    by Sunny
    27th December, 2009 at 8:34 pm    

    - BBC: Ban Ki-Moon: Gaza reconstruction not being addressed
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said more must be done to repair damage done in the Gaza Strip by Israeli military action one year ago. Mr Ban said Gazans were being denied “basic human rights” and urged Israel to end its “unacceptable and counterproductive blockade”.

    The UN Relief and Works agency (UNRWA) in Gaza told the BBC that public health was suffering as a result of inadequate and unsanitary water supplies, and there had been a rise in infant mortality.

    - An editorial in the Guardian called for ‘progress in Gaza’, but this is highly unlikely while Israel maintains a tight blockade and continues to make life a misery for Palestinians. Support for Hamas, meanwhile, continues to stay high.

    - BBC reports that at least eight protesters have been killed in Iran in violent clashes between anti-government crowds and police. The nephew of former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi was among four killed in Tehran, and reports say four also died in the city of Tabriz. Security forces reportedly opened fire in Tehran after losing control.

    There are some pictures from the anti-govt rally on this blog.

    - Guardian: A former London student has been charged with attempting to blow up a transatlantic airliner carrying 278 passengers on Christmas Day. American prosecutors claim that Abdulmutallab, who finished an engineering course at University College London last year, had a device attached to his body when he boarded the plane in Amsterdam on Christmas Eve. He passed through the airport in transit after flying from Lagos.

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    Filed in: Current affairs,Middle East,Terrorism

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    1. Agnieszka Tokarska

      Trouble in Gaza, Iran and elsewhere -

    2. pickles

      Blog post:: Trouble in Gaza, Iran and elsewhere

    3. Leon Green

      RT @pickledpolitics Blog post:: Trouble in Gaza, Iran and elsewhere

    1. Pobeda — on 28th December, 2009 at 9:51 am  

      Banky Moony looked up from the plate of mixed poodle and chihuahua he was devouring and said:

      “Everyone know the wretched Gazoids have nobody to blame but their silly selves but I simply CANNOT say that out loud.”

      With a deep sigh he looked at the statement he had scribbled ealier:


      With a still longer sigh he pushed he pushed a half-gnawed poodle leg aside and trotted out a predictable statement blaming the horrid Jews for everything.

      On a brighter note, this the sort of thing that PICKLED POLITICS readers greatly enjoy:

      One might even go so far as to trot out the rather-less-than-nice slogan “Import Third World Hospital Doctors and - shabaaam! - you’ve got A Third World Hospital!”

      Happy New Year!

    2. MiriamBinder — on 28th December, 2009 at 10:16 am  

      @ Pobeda - Fascinating not … tiresome definitely!

    3. Soso — on 29th December, 2009 at 6:53 pm  

      An editorial in the Guardian called for ‘progress in Gaza’, but this is highly unlikely while Israel maintains a tight blockade and continues to make life a misery for Palestinians. Support for Hamas, meanwhile, continues to stay high.

      Everytime I look at footage taken in Gaza, all I see are well stocked food markets and lots of fat…even obese… people. As for support of Hamas, it merely reflects the hatred and anti-semitic sentiments many Gazans harbour.

      One other thing, we always hear about the Israeli “blockade”, but no one ever takes Egypt to task for having sealed ITS border with Gaza. In fact, the Egyptians are now building a wall that will extend some 30 meters underground in order to prevent any further tunnels being dug by these poor, innocent, oppressed refugees fleeing zionist terrorism.

    4. marvin — on 31st December, 2009 at 1:12 pm  

      Soso, it simply doesn’t count if the Egyptians are doing it.

      And secondly the Palestinians are always: innocent, anti-racist, and incapable of being responsible for their actions. Therefore widescale support for Hamas, widespread jubilation after a terror attack on Israel, the lionising of suicide bombers and jew hatred are all just a natural reaction to something that happened to their fathers or more likely their grandfathers. Do not ever move on, is the message that must be maintained.

      This is because they are oppressed by Israel, and refused any land or citizenship. That this applies to the surrounding arab states is irrelevant. We are not interested in arabs oppressing arabs. Anyway, if arabs oppress arabs, we know who to blame. Just listen to their (anti-imperialist) governments (and the Western leftists).

    5. BenSix — on 31st December, 2009 at 2:49 pm  


      And secondly the Palestinians are always: innocent…


      Who, except for the Gallowayian fringe, argues this? Directly or by implication. Names, please.

      Just to help you out: HRW doesn’t…

      The UN doesn’t…

      The Guardian doesn’t…

      Goldstone didn’t…

      If people give disproportionate criticisms to Israel, that’s another matter. Soberly arguing that, however, wouldn’t give one such a marvellous opportunity to sound self-righteous.

    6. BenSix — on 31st December, 2009 at 3:22 pm  

      Think I’ve a comment in moderation.

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