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  • BMSD call for Green Lane Mosque to disinvite extremists

    by Sunny
    23rd December, 2009 at 7:14 pm    

    This is a guest post by Shaaz Mahboob of British Muslims for Secular Democracy

    Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Gurdwaras, Churches and other places of worship offer a unique spiritual experience for those using them. Therefore, maintaining their sanctity is a must, both for those who use them and those who run them. This “multicultural” society of ours, about to complete its first decade into the 21st Century, in many respects has come a long way from the days of Stephen Lawrence’s ghastly murder and certainly from the dark ages when witches were burnt at stake and Jews were murdered en masse, for their religious beliefs.

    What has recently been picked up by Quilliam Foundation is news relating to the platform (link) being given by the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, to two openly anti-Semitic sectarian preachers from Saudi Arabia. A quick scan of their websites reveals their contempt (link) for all the Jewish people and those belonging to the Shi’ite sect (link) within Muslim communities.

    What’s most surprising is the formal response from the GL Mosque, which highlights various initiatives by the mosque in itself to apparently combat religious extremism, yet fails to even acknowledge or address the cause for concern, which happens to remain the invitation of the two Saudi clergymen with strong strong anti-Semitic and sectarian views.

    British Muslims for Secular Democracy have been rather fortunate, primarily owing to the recent successful principled stand we took against Muslim anti-democracy extremists and the far right.

    Upon hearing about the invitation to the Saudi so-called scholars, a coalition of individuals with different religious and non-religious beliefs, led by BMSD, has come together in an attempt to challenge the GLM’s decision and convince them to alter their plans, thereby refusing to give these two gentlemen a platform.

    We wrote an open letter to the GLM, which was co-signed by Muslim Imams and Scholars, Jewish Rabbis, a humanist and a senior member of the Anglican Church, jointly explaining the rationale behind our objections to giving a platform to those who clearly hate certain members of our communities.

    Hate preaching against any segment of the society remains unacceptable and will be resisted proactively by BMSD, supported by the increasing number of associates and in this case, the co-signatories. It should not just be the responsibility of Green Lane Mosque committee to preserve the sanctity of their mosque as a place of worship.

    The users of the mosque, i.e. the congregation, must also exert due pressure on the mosque management to make sure they refrain from including the two highly controversial and undesirable international preachers into the conference programme.

    Should such holy places lose their state of purity, or appear to be doing so by contaminating the peace with vile rhetoric sourced from abroad, the silent majority of Muslims and non-Muslims would rise up and counter such threats to the future cohesion of our society, by all democratic and legal means possible.

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    Filed in: Islamists,Race politics,Terrorism

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    1. pickles

      Blog post:: BMSD call for Green Lane Mosque to disinviye extremists

    2. thegreengod

      Pickled Politics » BMSD call for Green Lane Mosque to disinviye …: … issued on 18th December 2009 (click here …

    1. onetouch — on 23rd December, 2009 at 2:42 pm  

      Shame niether Sunny nor Shaaz read Green Lane's latest press release which was issued during the day today:…

      Press Release

      Date: 23rd December 2009

      Re: In the Footsteps of the Scholars – Winter Conference

      Further to our previous press release issued on 18th December 2009 (click here to read) in response to the allegations made by the Quilliam Foundation Saudi Extremism Continues to Influence British Muslims, Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre issues the following,

      As a responsible organisation Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre is fully aware of the responsibilities it has towards the diverse communities it serves. To this extent Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre has various policies and controls in place to ensure it fulfils its aims and objectives in a responsible manner and that it complies with the law including the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.

      Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre was alarmed at the serious nature of the allegations made by the Quilliam Foundation which insinuated that we are a divisive force in the community. As a result, Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre has conducted its own internal inquiry into the claims made by the Quilliam Foundation in its press release.

      As part of the inquiry, Sheikh Faisal Al-Jassim and Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Sadhan were contacted to seek clarification about the allegations levelled against them.Both speakers regret the way in which the Quilliam Foundation has chosen to handpick a few statements from hundreds of hours of lectures to portray them in a negative light.

      Sheikh Faisal Al-Jassim has clearly stated that the understanding of Jihad in Islam is one of the most misunderstood concepts in current times; especially by many Muslims. To clarify his position publicly on the subject, he has authored a book that has been translated into the English language, entitled Islam and the Sanctity of Life – An Analysis of Contemporary Deviant Ideologies, with a foreword by the respected British scholar Dr Suhaib Hasan, Chair of Tawhid Mosque Leyton, London. We understand that seventy thousand copies of this publication have been distributed free of charge.

      Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Sadhan has stated that his teachings are openly available on his website and in the many books he has authored, and the few statements that have been highlighted are not representative of him. Dr Al-Sadhan has also stated that he is a fierce opponent of terrorism in all its forms, irrespective of the perpetrators. As such he has made it clear that when he referred to ‘the Jews’, this reference was not to Jews in general, but to those elements that have shown hostility to Muslims and resorted to violence.

      Having met both speakers on previous occasions, it is very clear to us that these statements do not fairly reflect their views. The aforementioned are acutely aware of the problems terrorism and extremism present in the world today. They are passionate opponents of such dangerous ideologies - a point which the Quilliam Foundation has conveniently chosen to ignore.

      Neither of the speakers condone disseminating divisive and destructive message, nor do they consider it permissible to break the law of the land. In light of the above, Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre is satisfied with the clarification given by the invited speakers.

      Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre has always condemned incitement to terrorism, extremism, racism and intolerance. We ask others to join us in this struggle to free our society of such evils. At the same time we ask those who are unfamiliar with the ethos of Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre to communicate with us, before jumping on the bandwagon of those whose goal is to demonise the Muslim community and its institutions.

      Unfortunately, it appears that the Quilliam Foundation has set out with a pre-determined agenda to create mischief and portray us in a negative light, in order to foment divisions amid British Muslims along sectarian lines and generate mistrust amongst the wider public. We believe that the press release issued by the Quilliam Foundation will play into the hands of those who wish to exacerbate tensions within society, and portrays Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre in a defamatory and negative light.

      Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support it has received from countless organisations, from within the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. We urge these organisations to publicly voice their objections where established mainstream Muslim institutions are targeted in such a manner.

      [End – 23rd December 2009]

      Notes to the editor:

      1. For our previous related press release dated 18th December 2009, please click here.

      2. For further information on our position on terrorism and extremism, please refer to our publication Islam – A Religion of Terror? of which 36,000 copies have been distributed to date. Click here to read.

      For further information, please contact;
      Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre
      20 Green Lane
      B9 5DB
      T: 0121 713 0080
      F: 0121 713 0081

    2. lfc4life — on 23rd December, 2009 at 3:02 pm  

      british muslims for secular democracy from my basic understanding of islam even i know that is a contradiction in term. If you feel secularism is under threat and you feel need to propagate it in this day and age i suggest you are rather extreme yourselves!

    3. David T — on 23rd December, 2009 at 3:43 pm  

      What a shameful response. A complete denial. A pathetic attempt to explain away the racism. A mere dismissal as 'out of context' and 'unrepresentative' and the usual rubbish that you get when people have been caught out.

      It ends with a defiant call for support from others. Well, let's see who joins that call, and we'll know who we're up against.

      Looking forward to seeing that list, lads!

    4. BenSix — on 23rd December, 2009 at 6:06 pm  

      I'm not convinced by the press release.

      (I'm also spamming - sorta - but it saves me dropping the whole thing into the comments.)

    5. Pobeda — on 23rd December, 2009 at 9:10 pm  


      When referring to 'hos' and 'bitches' the rap singer was not, it must be understood, referring to ALL wimmin.

      Far from it!

      The reference was specifically to those elements among wimmin who have shown hostility to rap singers and crack wholesalers and who have resorted to violence and petitioning Harriet the Harperson for her intercession.

      Nor was the stanza 'gonna slap mah bitch up' to be interpreted outside the specific context of the utterance and we would argue that it is racist to make the assertion that the singer's outpourings could in any way be said to encourage or condone violence against wimmin.

      The rap singer is a committed opponent to the practice of slapping bitches up in all its forms, irrespective of the perpetrators.

    6. SarahAB — on 23rd December, 2009 at 9:50 pm  

      Like others, I find this press release completely unconvincing - excellent post though.

    7. joe90 — on 24th December, 2009 at 5:59 am  

      bmsd sounds like a sexual disease :)

    8. Sal — on 24th December, 2009 at 6:56 am  

      Great piece and I love Pobeda's send-up of the Green Lane Mosque press release! Shame on them for allowing these two preachers to peddle their bile, particularly during the season of goodwill…

    9. Stanislaw — on 2nd January, 2010 at 7:52 pm  

      Why the fake shock on the part of the BMSD and the Mosque itself? It has been in the public domain for several years that Green Lane mosque hosts imams who preached the overthrow of democracy in Britain, the subjugation of non-Muslims by Muslims, the beating of women, the marrying of nine-year old girls, and the killing of British soldiers and homosexuals, amongst other things.

      The place should have been closed by the government and razed to the ground years ago. It is a disgrace and a mockery of the laws and people of Britain not only that it is allowed still to function, but that when Channel 4 brought the above information about extremism at Green Lane mosque to light, the West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Sevice threatened the programme makers, not those imams inciting hatred and violence, with prosecution. WMP and the CPS were subsequently forced to pay huge libel damages to Channel 4.

      What the British state has since then failed to explain is why those imams are still at liberty. Given that a number of them are foreigners, it says quite a bit that Gert Wilders can’t get into the country, but if you are a foreign Muslim who advocates the beating of women and the killing of British soldiers and homosexual, the British state will do all it can on your behalf.

    10. MiriamBinder — on 2nd January, 2010 at 8:22 pm  

      Wizards first rule ;)

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