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  • Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with ‘facts’

    by Sunny
    22nd December, 2009 at 2:31 pm    

    Yesterday Tory blogger Iain Dale posted a blog-post titled ‘Oxford is Cool’. Not long after, Unity posted an article on LibCon pointing out what a bunch of tripe the thinking and methodology behind that post was. Note, how Iain Dale then acted when others pointed this out.

    It’s worth noting, for a start, that Dale’s blogpost is just one in a long line of rubbish he has published about global warming (including a recent punt on the ‘Global Cooling’ myth). It’s a subject he clearly knows little about. But it has become de rigeur for global warming deniers to publish a continuous stream of bad science and rubbish claims, and obfuscate the debate while saying it is there just to further discussion and ‘challenge the consensus‘.

    On his own thread Iain Dale replies to commenter, saying:

    As far as I can see Victor has calculated the figures very well. I have now been on the site to check myself. Not sure how a “professional” could have done it differently to him. But feel free to try!

    Well that illustrates how seriously one should take him, given that Unity isn’t even a professional and he ripped apart the whole thing very quickly.

    Once lots of people started Tweeting Unity’s blogpost and mentioning what the mistake Dale had made, he states sanctimoniously:

    I find it hugely amusing that the lefty twitterati are obsessing about my views on climate change. Haven’t they got better things to do? No?

    Funny that. Dale is very quick to jump on people when others make mistakes or do things he doesn’t like. Doesn’t he have better things to do?

    When @psbook points him to Unity’s post and asks him his views on it, he squeals:

    @psbook because i havent got 5 hours to spare reading his epistle. Am sure it’s fab though.

    Later, when the backlash gets too loud to ignore Dale goes off on one of his classic rants to play the victim. He updates his blog post to say:

    Watching the Church of Climateology react to this post has been a joy to behold. Clearly the left, stung by the post about Kerry McCarthy seem to think they can get back at me through this post. Well, hey, good luck to them. The insults flying around on Twitter have to be seen to be believed.

    Poor Iain Dale - what a brave warrior against the evil lefties pointing out silly things like ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ to him. How dare they? Clearly they must be rattled because he flew off the handle when a Labour politician blocked him! And then he finishes with:

    Most people on the left on Twitter haven’t really bothered engaging in an argument - all they have done is hurl insults. That’s fine. I expect it from them. They’re the internet equivalent of pond life. At least Will Straw attempts to argue the toss without descending into the gutter. Unlike his friends at Liberal Conspiracy who I won’t even grace with a link. Until they grow up.

    Unity’s argument was well laid out and clearly argued. Plenty of deniers admitted Dale had gotten it wrong too. But the ‘Top Tory blogger’ had put his fingers in his ears and kept claiming his ‘abusers’ hadn’t really bothered engaging in an argument at all!

    Bloody brilliant. That kind of language is something Comical Ali would have used if he blogged.

    Will Straw posted on Left Foot Forward, asking: Will Iain Dale acknowledge his climate error? - the answer should be obvious: of course not. Dale wouldn’t do that!

    Iain Dale is trying to get selected as a candidate for the Conservative Party. But his behaviour in this instance illustrates how dishonest he can be when confronted with uncomfortable facts and challenged on them. I hope people doing selections or voting on his political future take this into account. Dale’s record speaks for itself.

    Big boy bloggers must be big enough to admit when they get it wrong

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    Filed in: Blog,Environmentalism,Media,Party politics

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    1. pickles

      Blog post:: Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with 'facts'

    2. Leon Green

      RT @pickledpolitics: Blog post:: Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with 'facts'

    3. Gareth Winchester

      RT @pickledpolitics: Blog post:: Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with 'facts'

    4. Dave Cross

      RT @pickledpolitics: Blog post:: Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with 'facts'

    5. Kevin Arscott

      Hysterical Iain Dale runs away when confronted with ‘facts’

    1. Pobeda — on 22nd December, 2009 at 6:52 am  

      My, the invective and sheer nastiness!

      Still, this is from PRAVDA and will cheer you all up no end:…

      Have a Merry Christmas and don't let your reindeer fall through the ice like those Lapps in Sweden.

      HO HO HO

    2. avius — on 22nd December, 2009 at 7:50 am  

      i read this and thought, Dale Winton is involved in politics?!

    3. Pobeda — on 22nd December, 2009 at 9:52 am  

      Somewhat off-topic maybe, but of interest to those readers who find such matters fascinating:…

    4. Don — on 22nd December, 2009 at 12:24 pm  

      Why are you wasting our time?

    5. narinderpurba — on 22nd December, 2009 at 2:45 pm  

      It's the classic “I wanna have my punt on something topical because I think I matter in discourse per se, regardless of the fact I know little about it. And even if I'm wrong, I'm not.”

    6. damon — on 22nd December, 2009 at 8:32 pm  

      I can't see what the fuss is about myself.
      So Iain Dale doesn't get the bewildering sience behind climate change. Who really does? It's too complicated for most people.

      I think some of us who have no clue as to what is to be done to fix this problem, scoff at (in our ignorance) the complete confidence and earnestness of those people who you could call climate change devotees … because they seem so driven (and a bit sanctimonious in my opinion.)

      I did try reading a couple of books on this issue but there was so much science involved, you'd need to have great knowledge in that field to be able to understand it.

      Who knows, maybe these guys are right?…

      And at least they gave me a laugh when I read these ''Ask Ethan'' pieces.…

      I think Iain Dale is alright (for a Tory).

    7. cjcjc — on 23rd December, 2009 at 4:18 am  

      Excellent, just out in time for Xmas, volume 26635443 of “Why Iain Dale Must Be Ignored”.

      Though Unity's analysis was of course correct!

      Merry Christmas.

    8. asquith — on 24th December, 2009 at 12:36 pm  

      Damon, if you admit knowing nothing about the issue why comment about it at all? It's funny, you attack those who speak with certainty about climate change, but you find nothing wrong with Dale's flippant dismissal of something he hasn't deigned to familarise himself with & glib refusal to even glimpse at explanations of why he is wrong.

      Your “I have my doubts”/”what do I know?” shtick is really wearing thin as well.

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