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Quick web round up

Posted By Sunny On 3rd October, 2005 @ 9:06 pm In Media, Current affairs, Religion, The World, Humour | Comments Disabled

I wrote an article for the Independent, which was [1] published today, on how Asians who want to do comedy on TV still suffer from stereotyping (taking the example Anil Gupta who produced The Office).

The BBC [2] is investigating whether its coverage of Israel-Palestine is biased towards either side as both sides keep claiming (via [3] PointsofJew).

Adloyada has written something nice (for once?) on [4] Muslim-Jewish dialogue, and points out, thankfully, that Irshad Manji and Salman Rushdie are not a good place to start with.

London’s Evening Standard [5] refuses to apologise for wrongly accusing a Muslim bookshop-owner of peddling hatred and carrying extremist literature even after being proved wrong..

Finally, Riz has written a funny piece on [6] The Real Man Fraternity on Gillette continuously expanding the number of razor blades in their products; SA writes on [7] Turkey and the EU; the Globalisation Institute has an interesting piece on [8] Sumo going global.

Any other news or blog entry you want to flag up? Do it below!

Comments Disabled To "Quick web round up"

#1 Comment By jamal On 3rd October, 2005 @ 9:50 pm

On the Isreal/Palestine issue, i’d just like to point out that media coverage does tend to be quite biased. I agree there are many nutters in Palestine, but we never hear about the ones from Israel. I think i’ve only ever heard of TWO. The one who opened fire in the Gaza mosque and the one who open fired on the bus.

#2 Comment By leon On 4th October, 2005 @ 4:13 pm

I remember seeing an interview with a BBC journalist once about the percieved bias toward Israelies. He said something like everytime they run a story that’s even slightly critical of Israel etc they get a torrent of angry and hostile emails, letters and phone calls. When they do the same about the Palestinions they don’t get anywhere near the same level of pressure. The point being is that pro Israel groups lobby and very hard if pro Palestinion groups did the same it might have the same effect and balance out the news more…

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