» What? Discredited John Rentoul disputing that Iraqi cabbie was source of dodgy dossier? Surely not. http://bit.ly/5nmUPr 9 mins ago

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» RT @AP_ClimatePool: (BREAKING) Polish environment minister resigns, saying he has fulfilled his task #Copenhagen 1 hr ago

» WWF: Leak of draft #Copenhagen text: Danes "have been focusing on pleasing the rich and powerful countries”. No surprise there either 2 hrs ago

» UK trying to push through Copenhagen proposals to screw poorer countries http://bit.ly/7Ciwx3 - @EdMilibandMP must be proud 2 hrs ago

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    Rod Liddle admits he may be a sexist idiot

    by Sunny on 2nd October, 2009 at 4:46 pm    

    This interview in the Evening Standard is pure gold. Rod Liddle has nits - I’m sure they’ll all live happily together.

    Filed in: Humour, Media

    • Reza
      Rod Seacole Liddle rocks!

      The thing that pious pompous lickspittle lefties don’t get is that Rod doesn’t take himself seriously.

      And he can afford to be offensive, because behind his rude observations is a truth and a rationality that clicks with many people.

      There’s no need for weasel words when you’re exposing the ridiculousness of intellectually bankrupt PC ideologies.
    • Reza, stop frothing at the mouth, stop copying and pasting the same old drivel, and say something intelligent for once.
    • DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells
      rod liddle touches dogs.
    • Nick Seacole Griffin
      So Liddle's opinionated and crude and boorish when on the subject of the Harperson.

      So are we all, we hormonally-normal unqueer males; the appalling Harperson and The unspeakable Lord Mandelson* of Corfu represent all that is most detestable and utterly sickening about the Labour Party.

      Sunny, why the puzzling reference to nits? I remember the nit nurse checking our heads weekly in primary school and I was not in a particularly poor or deprived area of Barrow-in-Furness. We also got tiny little pinworms / threadworms from playing in the Vickerstown park sandpit. No harm to the body but socially embarrassing.

      * The BNP website claims that Lord Mandelson's 22,000 quid watch could be seen to advantage as he waved his arms above his head at the Labour Party Conference. Can any neutral source confirm this?

      Grinning Tony once said that it was, in so many words, the duty of the Labour Party to love Peter Mandelson. I know that I am not alone in wishing Mandelson could be lowered slowly, feet first, into a vat of sulphuric acid on prime-time television.
    • Rumbold
      It's the nits I feel sorry for.
    • Bobsy
      According to the'Mail on Sinday' the watch in question is a Patek Philippe with a retail price of 21,500 quid before discount.

      "Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer ..."
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