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  • Back from Labour party conference

    by Sunny
    30th September, 2009 at 12:41 am    

    Hello all - sorry for not posting anything on PP last few days… just got back from the Labour Party conference where I was asked to speak at an event on how housing is used to divide communities. Short answer: build more houses!

    Anyway… there weren’t enough free wi-fi places in Brighton to work at, so I couldn’t blog much here. Besides, I was running around trying to instigate a conspiracy to bring down Andrew Marr. Back now. No, I’m not going to the Tory party conference next week either…

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    1. Obnoxio The Clown

      RT @CharlotteGore: Can’t quite believe a pro blogger like Sunny didn’t budget for Wi-Fi in Brighton: - LOL! #fail

    1. Reza — on 30th September, 2009 at 8:09 am  

      “Short answer: build more houses!”

      And sod the taxpayer. They can always be forced pay more for Labour’s client state.

      How about a moratorium on immigration? Certainly on immigrants who can’t afford to buy a house.

      And how about reforming our welfare system to discourage benefit claimants from having child, after child after child?

      How about stigmatizing people who bring child after child into this world knowing full well that I, and the other taxpayers of this country will have to support them?

    2. cjcjc — on 30th September, 2009 at 8:11 am  

      Pity - I would enjoy your close range observations on the Tories!

    3. Wendy — on 30th September, 2009 at 8:43 am  

      The Labour Party Conference attendees should have been treated to the spectacle of a flotilla of Russian oligarchs’ yachts moored offshore.

      “We’re incredibly relaxed about people getting filthy rich,” to quote Lord Mandelson of Corfu.

    4. Cauldron — on 30th September, 2009 at 9:16 am  

      Welcome back. I’ve missed your writings. When you have a moment I’d be interested in your perspective on whether the people at the conference really understand why the country has turned against them. Any acknowledgment that ever-growing public spending has failed to deliver proportionate results? Any acknowledgment that identity politics has been completely counterproductive? Judging by Brown’s speech and Hugh Muir’s really silly article in today’s Guardian I’d guess not. But maybe sotto voce people on the conference floor have woken up to the notion that core lefty beliefs no longer command public support.

    5. cjcjc — on 30th September, 2009 at 10:40 am  

      @4 wow, that Muir article is certainly getting the pasting it deserves.

    6. Cauldron — on 30th September, 2009 at 11:36 am  

      @5 aside from the intellectual vapidness of the Muir article, what really struck me was that there seems to be have been absolutely no evolution in the author’s views despite overwhelming evidence that the spending plans he likes simply haven’t worked as Labour intended.

      He looks a bit young to be from that era himself, but student lefties in the 1980s were espousing exactly the same shallow drivel - give more money to the public sector, give more money to [insert your favourite special interest group] and, lo, we shall all be happy.

    7. Sunny — on 30th September, 2009 at 12:59 pm  

      couldron - short answer to 4, no they haven’t.

      But what would you have liked them to announce?

      Reza - they should never have let you into the country for a start.

    8. Roger — on 30th September, 2009 at 1:17 pm  

      And where does the funding come for this?

    9. Cauldron — on 30th September, 2009 at 1:26 pm  

      Sunny @7 - I wasn’t expecting any mea culpa announcements on stage. That’ll come next year.

      But I’m curious whether at the grassroots level there is any feeling that Labour’s problems can’t just be blamed on poor execution by Brown and Blair and that there might be a fundamental ideological problem.

    10. Morrigan — on 30th September, 2009 at 2:32 pm  


      Of course there is an ideological problem. You only have to read stories like the mother and mentally handicapped daughter who died, or the pregnant woman who was raped, to see where ‘tough on the causes of crime’ has got us.

    11. Morrigan — on 30th September, 2009 at 2:36 pm  

      And part of Brown’s ‘solution’ was lifted from the BNP playbook:

    12. bananabrain — on 30th September, 2009 at 3:53 pm  

      i was impressed at how his commitment to get working mums back to work by removing tax breaks for childcare vouchers helps to do precisely the opposite by effectively clawing back about £1200 worth of tax a year which would otherwise get spent on childcare, thus further preventing mrs bb from returning to work and forcing us to take yet another hundred pounds out of our monthly cashflow. thanks for that, that’ll help us get back on our feet. penalising the middle class for our prudence is the last refuge of the doctrinaire socialist.



    13. sonia — on 30th September, 2009 at 4:17 pm  

      No wifi in Brighton? Gosh they are lagging behind.

      Party conference time - oh good. I wonder if anyone is actually asking any hard-hitting high-level questions? I don’t suppose so -( all these power grabbing people with no real radical ideas, no imagination) Right now, you’d think these political parties might be asking questions about the entire economic system, (and how they have socially and morally justified their own ignorance of the reality of such an un-sustainable system) never mind about houses dividing communities. and they know why they’re not building more houses - they haven’t got any money to do it! they’d have to borrow it from some bloody bank or other, and pay interest to do it.

      Sunny please give us the lowdown!

      the mood at the tory conference must be very upbeat.

    14. Rob — on 30th September, 2009 at 4:55 pm  

      Good enough to fight the next election, but not good enough to win it! Failed to tell the country where the money for his lavish promises would come from. Lack of any acknowledgement that serious cuts in public spending are needed. Maybe leading the party but certainly not the country. Last throw of the dice. Just some of the ideas out there about our beleaguered and embattled PM. More of my thoughts here.

    15. dave bones — on 30th September, 2009 at 11:23 pm  

      Short answer: build more houses!

      I prefer what Boris was saying about retrofit. Loads and loads of empty places out there.

    16. Sunny — on 1st October, 2009 at 12:03 am  

      an’t just be blamed on poor execution by Brown and Blair and that there might be a fundamental ideological problem

      which is?

    17. A Councillor Writes — on 1st October, 2009 at 12:10 am  

      Retrofit is good, but I know how roughly many vacant properties there are in my city and I know how many households are on the housing list and the latter exceeds the former a ratio of roughly four to one.

      That doesn’t include the small hordes of people who know they haven’t got a chance and haven’t bothered applying.

    18. Binkstein — on 1st October, 2009 at 8:57 am  

      Non-working single mums will be compelled to go back to work - assuming that there actually IS work for them - unless, of course they are preggers or have a tiny infant.


      Non-working single mum does not know much but she CAN figure how to avoid being forced out to work.

    19. Arthur — on 1st October, 2009 at 9:02 am  

      You fool, Binkstein!


    20. Reza — on 1st October, 2009 at 9:44 am  


      “Reza – they should never have let you into the country for a start.”

      Of course they should have.

      I am one of those many immigrants who have made this country our home and who have been an enormous asset to this nation. I am fully integrated. I love this country, its culture, its history, its people and its values. I would willingly fight for it.

      Neither I, nor my parents have ever suckled at the teat of the taxpayer. Indeed, I pay far more tax than average. I use private healthcare. My children are in private education. I have never made any demands, nor had any expectation, for this country to adapt to accommodate me or my ancestral culture.

      This CANNOT be said for many, many other immigrants here, who are a net drain on society and who are disproportionately represented by a few ethnic, cultural and religious groups.

      We all know who they are.

    21. sonia — on 1st October, 2009 at 1:38 pm  

      I use private healthcare. My children are in private education.

      this is meant to be a good thing? you should have immigrated to the States in my opinion. if you are a taxpayer no reason why you shouldn’t expect a decent standard from public education and healthcare - what else are our taxes paying for?? education and health are the utmost priorities for any nation, only fools can’t see that. without that you will have a bunch of weak fools for the future!

      If immigrants like yourself want to take away the Welfare State then you clearly don’t understand much about the Britain you find yourself in.

    22. Reza — on 1st October, 2009 at 2:46 pm  


      The welfare state was designed to provide free healthcare and education for everyone and a financial safety-net for the poor and unfortunate. I support that.

      Today it is used as a lifestyle option, whether it is the unemployed single mother having child after child to different fathers or, for example, the hordes of unemployed Somalis (unemployment rate over 80%) who have child after child, creating huge, welfare dependant families, and expecting people who work hard and contribute to society to house them and pay for them.

      This government has created a massive client state of benefit claimants and public sector employees all suckling at the teat of the tax payer. These people know that only Labour will keep the ‘milk’ flowing so they vote for them.

      But it’s gone too far. The welfare state will be reformed. It’s bankrupting us. We have no choice.

    23. Kismet Hardy — on 1st October, 2009 at 3:20 pm  

      Those single mothers make me sick. 90% of lone parents are women. What does that tell you? They can’t keep a man. There’s obviously something wrong with the lot of them. I’m glad the lazy scroungers have to look for work, the threat of cutting 40% of their benefits is nowhere near enough a deterrent – I say scrap 90% benefit. They’ll still have more money left than your average hardworking Daily Express reader, the milking scum that they are.

      I mean it worked in Winconsin didn’t it? All those lazy cows were kicked out in the streets. That taught them good and proper.

      And once these sickening ‘mothers’ are dealt with, we will ALL be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

      Your hero Freud hated women, you know that, right?

    24. halima — on 1st October, 2009 at 4:12 pm  


      Maybe a tiny fraction of the population are lazy but most people are decent and hard-working - including the white lone parents you talk about so dismissively. Have you ever looked after a kid by youself? Working Moms actually prefer to go to work because it’s hard work to look after a child. Please don’t dismiss child care so easily. In more progressive countries like France they are actually asking women to stay home and have babies and the state will pay for it : caring is being valued, hopefully we in the UK step to the mark when we also realise that we’re going to have to value mothers more.

      Kicking female lone parents is so last century and only the manliest of men do it these days.

    25. Reza — on 1st October, 2009 at 4:47 pm  


      I don’t have a problem with responsible lone mothers, who either by accident or misfortune find themselves single, unemployed and reliant on the state for their own and their children’s welfare. The state should help them.

      My problem is with those irresponsible ‘career’ lone mothers who have child after child to different fathers, secure in the knowledge that the state will provide housing and evermore benefits for every additional child they bring into this world and raise as a dysfunctional human being who inevitably grows up to be a dependant on the state.

      I don’t have a problem with struggling immigrant families who wish to have one, two or even three children but need state assistance in order to support them.

      I do however have a big problem with those members of certain immigrant communities who, despite neither parent working, or one parent earning very little, wilfully disregard their financial situation and go on to have enormous families of eight or more kids secure in the expectation that the taxpayer will provide the ever increasing housing requirements and welfare benefits to support them. That’s just f*cking rude!

      Of course people are entitled to have as many kids as they want. But they are not entitled to expect the taxpayer to pay for it limitlessly.

    26. halima — on 1st October, 2009 at 4:51 pm  

      irresponsible ‘career’ lone mothers..? How many have you met? Or have you just read about them?

    27. Binky — on 1st October, 2009 at 4:59 pm  

      Who dares to mention the dread word EUGENICS ?

      Who dares suggest that single mums might be happier without their ovaries?

    28. Reza — on 1st October, 2009 at 5:00 pm  

      My dear halima

      “…irresponsible ‘career’ lone mothers..? How many have you met? Or have you just read about them?”

      I know far more about them than you could possibly imagine.

      If only you had a relative working as a social worker in the North of England, you’d know all about them too.

      And funnily enough, you’d also hear about the unemployed Somali, Pakistani and Bangladeshi parents having families of eleven kids.

      But you can find the stats for your self on the web, if you look. Let me know, I’ll find them for you.

    29. Kismet Hardy — on 1st October, 2009 at 5:02 pm  

      It’s the ones you DON’T read about that are the problem, Halima. The ones that make it in the papers are just the tip of the iceberg. Lurking in hidden estates (where they all have plasma TVs and Fortnum and Mason’s hampers for breakfast), there are career lone mothers plotting and manipulating the system for their own evil gains. Who do you think was behind the credit crunch? Career Lone Mothers. World poverty? Career Lone Mothers. The war in Afghanistan? Career Lone Mothers. That Bono should stop preaching to politicians and marry the lot of them and take away their lone status and voila! Every child in the world (other than those beastly Somalians who can go fuck themselves, eh Reza?) will dine on caviar.

    30. halima — on 1st October, 2009 at 5:23 pm  


      if one of those career lone parents had the spare time they might come on line and have a spat with you, but i think they’re probably working hard as we speak … surfing the net is a luxuary and what people do when they have time on their hands.

      Have you been to Brixton lately ? Or other so-called inner city places to see the number of posh people scrambling and squatting in nice houses and not paying for their keep? When they invite you around for dinner they serve only the best wine and the best caviar, even though they’re on the dole? Though I can’t find them on the web because they don’t exist on record - there are herds of them, most of them on Trust Funds but still sponging of the states, all from nice two-parent families, educated in private schools and Mummy and Daddy are the CEOs of some North of England council etc. Though, to their credit, they’re not blaming the lone parents for all the world’s evils.

      Kismet Hardy

      Of coarse, I should’ve known career lone parents are bleeding the world dry!

      It’s funny isn’t it - in Afghanistan the ‘strange’ men will always blame women for being too western whereas in Britain the ‘strange men’ will blame the female lone parent for bankrupsy .

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