Belated roundup of articles and blogs

by Sunny
19th June, 2006 at 8:31 pm    

1) I’ve written an article for the weekly media supplement in the Guardian today which you can either read by buying the paper or online here. I was also interviewed last week by the Canadian broadcaster CBC Radio on the Hindu paintings controversy. You can listen to that from here (second section).

2) Claims by Migrationwatch shortages of housing has been caused by higher-than-expected immigration have been rejected, unsurprising because they are a bunch of monkeys. Meanwhile, Ken Livingstone is calling for an amnesty for illegal immigrants. But no one seems to have picked it up elsewhere.

3) Urmee Khan’s wrote an interesting piece for the Observer yesterday, going back to Beeston a year after 7/7.

4) On a quick blog roundup, I liked Dave Hill’s thoughts on Englishness and football, Svend White’s thoughts on temple demolitions in Malaysia and Islamic literalism; Rhetorically Speaking fisks Melanie Phillip’s atittudes towards gays; and Writer Wallah’s modern man’s manifesto.

5) And finally, I’ve been roped into being part of a ‘blog carnival’ and we call it Nomad Fatwas. Ali Eteraz thought of it, don’t blame me. But it has a certain ring to it specially when it also becomes No-mad-fatwas.

Anyway, all of the blogs part of the NF are quite good and for the introductory carnival the theme was ‘Life’. So feel free to explore and read around.

City of Brass on Maximizing Human Potential
A short meditation on how to achieve human excellence.

Avari on Dig Sex Feet Down To Paradise
A short meditation on religion’s role and death.

Chapati Mystery on First Day Of Summer
Being canal side in Lahore. Life affirmance in muddy water!

Feministe on Feminists Finding Love
How to love men in an oppressive system.

Ambivablog on Significant (?) Coincidence
Whether those moments are signs or mere coincidences.

Aqoul on Saudi Arabia, Lesbianism, Other Coping Mechanisms
How women in Saudi separate personal development from their social situation.

Digitally Arranged on God and Poverty
The inter-relationship between suffering and religiosity.

Sig Carl Alfred on Tragedy Of the Lost
How aimlessness impacts the choices we make in our politics.

Towards God Is Our Journey on Prattle From The Party III
His analysis of the so called “Party of Freedom” seeking the Islamic Caliphate.

Unwilling Self-Negation on I am a Dark Elf.
Learning about Islam & Muhammad from a pointy eared elf.

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  1. Johnny — on 20th June, 2006 at 12:21 am  

    Some articles I saw on this blog:

    Cartoon hate protest — all charges dropped


    Al Tawheed

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