» 46% of ppl trust TV news, 45% trust broadsheets, only 12% trust mid-market papers (Mail), 7% trust tabloids (via @tweetminster) 1 day ago

» Love this Politico profile on @janehamsher - http://bit.ly/9017Qu - she's right: the Left should always be in an insurgency 1 day ago

» Oh dear. Guido Fawkes' #welovethesun tag died a horrible death. Will anyone take pity on him? http://bit.ly/7n74pG 1 day ago

» Looks like BBC News is taking up The Times' attack on Sally Bercow for being honest about her past by inviting Dorries. Lame. 1 day ago

» Tory @NadineDorriesMP appalled that speaker John Bercow "allowed" his wife to give an interview http://bit.ly/7khanB (via @MirrorJames) 1 day ago

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    UK Hizb ut-Tahrir activist calls Taliban “brothers”

    by Sunny on 21st June, 2009 at 3:34 pm    

    I’ve been alerted to a video of a television discussion on the Iranian channel Press TV, where Taji Mustafa of the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir refers to the terrorist killers in Pakistan as “brothers”. See the video here (ffwd by 9min). He says:

    Today, this action is on behalf of America. Today you have Pakistan - the sons of Pakistan in the army are turned against their brothers the sons of Pakistan, living in the tribal areas. [interrupted by Pakistan high commissioner] So this idea that a few thousand Taliban or whoever could threaten several hundred thousand, a several hundred thousand army, the seventh largest army in the world, could be overrun by a few thousand people in the tribal areas was a nonsense, and I think it was designed to get us to where we are today - to give in from pressure from America and get Pakistani fighting Pakistani.

    There are of course the same militants who have been blowing up innocent people across Pakistan for months. These are the same people a Hizb ut-Tahrir activist in the UK calls “brothers”. Now we know his sympathy lies with terrorists.

    There was also a good photo-journalism piece by Declan Walsh yesterday in the Guardian about people fleeing the Swat Valley. (hat tip: zakk)

    Filed in: Current affairs, Islamists, Other racists, Pakistan

    • fug
      and you are in a position to adjudicate? or do you wish you were in the brothers subset? (muslim axemurderers are still muslims, we dont do that excommunication thing)

      seriously you should have a whiteness exam.
    • Or perhaps you think every terrorist is your brother too fug?

      I don't need a "whiteness exam". You need a mental exam :)
    • Roger
      "muslim axemurderers are still muslims"
      What about muslim axemurderers who claim that they aren't axe murderers but obeying the dictates of islam?
    • platinum786
      ^^^ Well said Roger. HT's should grow a pair and go defend their brothers. It's win-win, either they'll realise the truth and come back changed men, or they'll face the wrath of the Pakistan army, which is quite ruthless when it needs to be.
    • Dani
      Erm, I don't think that the HT are aware (or even care) that the Taliban et al are not exactly liked here in PK...

      And Fug? What are you on?
      My brother what ever u said was your own interpretation . Brother if u really go in depth n look this war is not against those Talibans its against the people of swat . 2000 Talibans were might be present for them 40 lakh peoples life , property , carrers were brutally perished. Have u ever scence India doing such an operation in Kashmir where we all know Jihadis are present , but a country know if they start a war on their own land it will hit its own people , but pakistan govt never think ov anything lyke diz. N the operation is now extending to other parts of pakistan. I just ask u one question before 9/11 these talibans n Afghanistan state was Pakistan most brotherhood ,, we didnt even needed army for borders,, now what injection has been given to those muslims who have turned agaisnt
    • munir
      "What about muslim axemurderers who claim that they aren’t axe murderers but obeying the dictates of islam?"

      they are deluded but still Muslims

      The point fug was making is that in Orthodox Islam commiting even a grave sin such as murder doesnt make you a non-Muslim (im not aware of any religion where murder is considered apostasy eg a person is beyond hope) this applies not just to the murderer but to those who commit lesser major sins such as the alcoholic or the fornicator
    • Roger
      My point was not that the Taleban are murderers but that they maintain that they are [b]not[/b] murderers and that what they do is islamically justified and that the people claiming to be muslims who criticise them have in fact abandoned islam. In short, can they claim do be orthodox muslims or have they introduced a false interpretation of islam?
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