» NYT: 15% of all posts on Twitter mention Michael Jackson. Iran or swine flu didn't reach over 5%. Twitter crash inevitable? 5 hrs ago

» Jeff Goldblum death is fake according to @josephjedwards It's a great time to write fake stories for Google Juice though eh? 6 hrs ago

» WTF. Website reporting Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford may also be dead. Looks like link juice to me. 6 hrs ago

» Guardian blog: 'Michael Jackson dies ... Glastonbury festival in shock' - what, are the rest of us joyful? 6 hrs ago

» It's Ahmedinijad's fault! Blame him for Michael Jackon! That will really spell his end. (via @bloggerheads ) 6 hrs ago

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    Attempt to deport Sima Valand to possible murder

    by Sunny on 20th May, 2009 at 3:15 pm    

    I’ve been sent an alert posted on the Indymedia website:

    Sima Valand is desperately fighting to stop the Home Office sending her to India where she is at risk of murder at the hands of her in-laws. She was not flown on Fri 8th May for reasons that are still unknown but a new removal date has been set for this Wednesday (20th May). She remains in an immigration prison.

    Please take the time to send a letter or an email to the Home Office and to Virgin Atlantic Airways demanding that they do not fly this woman into an extremely dangerous situation.

    You can help keep Sima in the UK by:
    1) Emailing/Faxing Steve Ridgeway, Chief Executive Officer Virgin Atlantic Airways and urge him not to carry out the forced removal of Sima Valand. You can copy, amend or write your own version using the model letter below.

    More details on the Indymedia site. Anyone know more on this. Why is the government deporting someone who may end up being subjected to more abuse or even murder in India? And if you doubt the latter, just look up how many family related bride murders take place in India every year.

    Update: Just been sent an email saying: “As of an hour ago, the removal order was cancelled!! Sima will still need to fight her case to be allowed to stay in the UK but still, good news!!” - great news!

      |   Trackback link   |   Add to   |   Share on Facebook   |   Filed in: Cultural Relativism, Party politics

    1 Comment below   |   Add your own

    1. sonia — on 20th May, 2009 at 4:59 pm  

      Thanks for posting this Sunny

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