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  • Tamils take over Westminster to protest “bloodbath”

    by Sunny
    11th May, 2009 at 8:03 pm    

    British Tamils took over Westminster again today, blocking off traffic from all sides, by conducting a sit-down protest. The protest came the morning after heavy fighting in Sri Lankan killed hundreds of people in the country, and was a dubbed “a bloodbath” by the United Nations.

    There is some sign the British govt is saying more on the crisis in the country, with David Miliband today saying he was “appalled” by what was going on in Sri Lanka.

    Diplomats on the 15-nation Security Council have said Japan, China, Russia and Vietnam oppose formal council discussion of Sri Lanka, arguing that it is an internal matter for the Sri Lankan government but Miliband disagreed. “I believe very, very strongly that the civilian situation in the northeast of Sri Lanka merits the attention of the United Nations at all levels,” he said, calling it a “civilian catastrophe.”

    He deserves credit at least by trying to raise the issue. Shame on China, Japan, Russia and Vietnam for opposing the discussion. Here are some pictures from today.

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    Filed in: Current affairs,South Asia,Sri Lanka,Terrorism

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    1. pickles

      New blog post: Tamils take over Westminster to protest “bloodbath” http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/4527

    1. platinum786 — on 12th May, 2009 at 8:31 am  

      Look at the double standards here. If some idiots were to sit aorund protesting to protect the Taliban or Al Queda nobody would be having any of it. But because the Tamils are not opposing western countries, they’re free to do and say what they like.

      I support the Palestinian cause, but i certainly won’t be going to any pro hamas rallies. why are the Tamil people letting the tigers hijack their cause and why are they justifying the tigers and their terrorist activities?

      The placard reading “India stop providing chemical weapons” is quite funny. The Sri Lankan daily’s accuse India of supporting the Tamils.

    2. platinum786 — on 12th May, 2009 at 9:46 am  

      Also someone seriously needs to get international observers into that conflict, or provide the Sri Lankan government support. I just read about a hospital being shelled, how do you make that mistake? The Sri lankans are denying they did it….

    3. justpassingby — on 12th May, 2009 at 10:27 am  

      cant everyone just get along and share a bargain bucket

    4. Sunny — on 12th May, 2009 at 12:49 pm  

      platinum - I mostly agree to be honest. I have no sympathy at all for the LTTE or the “independent Tamil homeland” argument.

    5. damon — on 12th May, 2009 at 3:17 pm  

      I wonder how much support the LTTE have in Britain’s Tamil community.
      It seems that Tamil run shops in South London are forced to give money to LTTE supporters (according to my local newspaper who were quoting the police).
      I’ve driven around Parliament Square loads of times in the last month, and there is plenty of evedence for LTTE support (from placards and sweatshirts with ”EELAM” written on them).

    6. sean — on 12th May, 2009 at 6:13 pm  

      Everyone is commenting without knowing the full history.

      Tamils have been oppressed by the Srilankan government for more than 60 years. There were peacefull demos then and Tamils got killed in masses. only 30 years ago LTTE came into the picture. They started off as a group of students and fought for freedom. Tamils were living happily with the LTTE.

      Name one terrorist group that has its own police force, a set government, who builds schools, hospitals for its people. They looked after their people well.

      Sure they have made mistakes in the past. i am not denying that. so does the governments all around the world. we are just too blind to see it.

      There is a clear difference between freedom fighters and terrorists.

      Nelson Mandela was called a terrorist once.

      As for India only the Tamil Nadu in India supports the struggle. Not its Government.

      The killing of Tamils must stop first, then only the talks can begin.

      GENOCIDE in other countries are only recognised after thousands of people get masscared. it is happning to the Tamils now. Why isnt the international government acting on it before more people gets killed

    7. damon — on 14th May, 2009 at 11:43 am  

      I was driving around Parliament Square again this morning, and as clear as day there were photos stuck around the big blue tent they have errected there, of Vellupillai Prabakharan, and the caption with it says ”Tamil national leader”.

      I don’t claim to be any expert Sean, but from what I’ve been reading, and saw on Channel 4 news last night, Tamil civillians in the three mile square zone the Tigers are left in, are being prevented from leaving and are being used as human shields by the Tigers.
      Without the civillians the army would roll them up (because it’s such a tiny area) in a matter of hours I would imagine.
      The reason I wouldn’t support the idea of a Tamil Eelam is because the price to achieve it has been too high.
      And its boundaries are too long and impractical I’d have thought.

      That’s not to say that Tamils have not been discriminated against since Independence, but the killing from the war has been too much.
      A ceasefire now would only give the LTTE time to regroup (not that I support the government), but just to say that supporting the LTTE has led the Tamil people to this tragic situation (as far as I can see it).
      A better solution I think would be a LTTE surrender, and for the Tamil people to push for autonomy within Sri Lanka.

    8. Dave S — on 14th May, 2009 at 11:12 pm  

      There’s a piece in The Times which contains a small but telling comment from a police sergeant. I’ve added the emphasis here:

      Police had initially appeared hesitant to deal with the Tamils, as some privately expressed concern of an adverse media reaction if they use force after the controversy surrounding policing of the G20 demonstrations.

      One sergeant told The Times: “There’s women and children … you can imagine how that would look in the press.‘ Police cameramen were among many filming when officers began moving the protesters.

      So the reason for reluctance to use force (ie. violence) against largely non-violent protesters who include women and children is because of how it would look in the press!?

      The police are more worried about a possible bad media reaction than they are about the actual act of shoving non-violent protesters around and then battering them at the first possible opportunity.

      After the G20, the idea that they’d still do it all over again if they thought they’d get away with it is really not reassuring.

      But then again, I’ve come to expect nothing less from the police - upstanding bastions of freedom that they are.

    9. Mango — on 16th May, 2009 at 6:33 pm  

      All praise to China, Russia & Vietnam, extremely long-standing friends of Sri Lanka, for standing up to the über-hypocritical Western bloc in stopping this nonsense at the UN.

      Whatever leverage the West and UK in particular had, has been lost by the disgusting spectacle of trying to save the LTTE through ceasefires etc. Milliband & Brown in particular are truly beyond contempt. They seem to forget that the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka is finally ridding itself of the curse of LTTE terrorism (anyone experienced a train bombing recently?) after almost 30 years.

      As for the UK-based Eelamtards and their supporters, listen to this and start re-writing the asylum applications. Whiny losers.


    10. Mango — on 16th May, 2009 at 9:20 pm  

      An addendum worth repeating repeating. The ‘International Community’ is NOT just the First World western bloc countries. They are the most powerful. But the often unheard of parts of the ‘IC’ were instrumental in defeating efforts by Eelamtard vote-dependant western bloc countries to castigate Sri Lanka.


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