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  • The last place you expect to see that…

    by Sunny
    25th February, 2009 at 11:32 am    

    Islam4UK, the latest reincarnation of the banned Muslim extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, is now advertising their meetings on the Sun forums! Ace! (via Dave Bones).

    If that isn’t evidence that they’re (crazy) media whores who love the attention, I don’t know what is.

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    1. Jai — on 25th February, 2009 at 1:48 pm  

      Some of the subsequent comments on that forum thread are pretty nasty.

      The problem with the latest incarnation of Anjem Choudary’s club isn’t the risk of them actually being successful in their openly-stated aim to overthrow the UK’s democractic government and the modern way of life — the ‘powers that be’ would never allow that, and if push came to shove, I think that British society as a whole would eventually be fairly ruthless and ‘effective’ in dealing with this kind of thing if its very survival was perceived to be at risk, in the spirit of self-preservation and pragmatism.

      The problem is the fact that, by claiming to be ‘true Muslims’ and stating that their interpretation of Islam provides theological, scriptural, and divine support & justification for all of their actions and goals, they actually confirm the worst, most paranoid fears & assumptions that large numbers of British non-Muslims (especially the majority population) have about Muslims as a group and Islam as a religion.

      I do keep saying that groups like this are at least as much a liability to British Muslims (and, due to all the ignorance and conflation that goes on, to the Asian population as a whole) as far-right groups like the BNP.

      Even worse is the fact that they confirm all the accusations about Muslims that the BNP and other racists constantly make, which makes it even harder for everyone else (especially more reasonable Muslim organisations and ordinary everyday Muslims) to counteract these accusations and deal with the bigotry that so many Asians of all backgrounds have had to face in recent years.

    2. davebones — on 25th February, 2009 at 3:00 pm  

      ha ha I don’t think that is seriously an Islam4UK posting. I suppose it could be but I don’t think so. Someone has copied the info off the Islam4UK site and added their own comments in the last paragraph.

    3. platinum786 — on 25th February, 2009 at 3:02 pm  

      In more paranoid circles it’s suggested that HT etc are allowed to operate by the government so they can use them and their bullsh1t activities to stamp down on the Muslim community in general if the need should ever arise. I wouldn’t dismiss it entirely. I agree with Jai, these guys are a liabilty to us, and I’d like nothing more than the government to ban these people. I know of about 10 people I’d personally like sent to prison for being turds.

    4. SE — on 25th February, 2009 at 3:04 pm  

      Some of the subsequent comments on that forum thread are pretty nasty.

      If these are the majority of Britons, thank god for terrorist attacks.

    5. platinum786 — on 25th February, 2009 at 3:09 pm  

      I think that’s uncalled for, Sun readers can’t help they are stupid racist bigots, they were born on council estates without fathers to junkie teenage mums.

    6. Sofia — on 25th February, 2009 at 3:34 pm  

      some of these comments are a bit uncalled for…

      anyway, it’s easy to ‘ban’ an organisation but the problem is then you turn them into martyrs which is exactly what these ppl crave as it gives them’s group mentality…and they’d love to create a ‘them vs us’ society.

    7. Jai — on 25th February, 2009 at 5:06 pm  

      I agree that people in this group definitely do have a ‘martyr mentality’ — go to Anjem Choudary’s wikipedia profile and it includes quotes about how they’re supposedly “doing something wrong” if their activities don’t put them at risk of going to prison — but one response could be “Who cares ?”. The only people who’d regard them as ‘martyrs’ would be those who actually agree with their ideas, right ?

      I’d actually take this further. Anjem Choudary is quite possibly guilty of sedition/treason, since he’s openly stating his aim is to overthrow the current form of government & way of life, and “conquer the UK for Islam”. High Treason in the UK carried the death penalty until 1998, although it subsequently carries the “lesser penalty” of life imprisonment.

      If the former punishment still applied, I wonder if Anjem Choudary would have the courage of his convictions and literally be willing to die for his beliefs.

      I don’t see much evidence of that so far; in fact, in my view he’s guilty of a fair degree of cowardice, since he consistently refuses to take any direct responsibility for inciting any negative beliefs/actions on the part of anyone who takes on-board his opinions, and he’s also on record as believing in all kinds of unsavoury ideas which he attributes to Islam whilst simultaneously claiming he has “no choice” as Islam allegedly demands submission to such notions amongst its adherents regardless of whatever Choudary’s own stance would be on any given topic if the choice was completely left up to him. So he refuses to take any direct responsibility for his religious beliefs either.

      When asked about whether he agreed with the killing of innocents in the name of Islam, he even replied that, in his view, the only innocents are Muslims and that everyone else is guilty of a ‘crime against God’ by refusing to accept Islam. And to top it all off, he openly says that he wants Shariah implemented in its entirety across the whole of the UK and that the Judge of the associated ‘Shariah Court of the UK’ is, guess who, our friend Anjem himself.

      The guy’s a power-hungry psychopath. He’s doing all this because, in his mind, he’s actually managing to get away with it, rather than being deported, executed, or (my personal favourite) incarcerated in a suitable psychiatric institution.

    8. Nyrone — on 25th February, 2009 at 5:49 pm  

      That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

    9. Cyburn — on 25th February, 2009 at 7:32 pm  

      Could be some The Sun editor posing as a Muslim extremist, just like with the “Jew Hit List”

    10. Amrit — on 25th February, 2009 at 11:00 pm  

      What goes around comes around, evidently.

      The Sun tries to use Muslims, Muslims (apparently) try to use the Sun! :-D

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