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  • Maybe it’s time to start burning things…

    by Sunny
    8th February, 2009 at 10:05 pm    

    Stephen Glover, writing in the Daily Mail, says:

    Nobody outside the BBC seems remotely upset. Angry mobs are not burning down its offices in Rawalpindi or Nairobi. But the BBC wallahs are in a dreadful tizz.

    Well, yes, we do have rather more important things to do with our lives than burn badly constructed effigies of Carol Thatcher. But did Stephen Glover actually ask anyone non-white what they’d think of being called a ‘golliwog’? Oh the Daily Mail crowd is supporting her so everything is good in the world. Jolly good chaps! These pakis are kind of agreeable after all!

    On the other hand, if people did get outraged and upset loudly, then Glover would be telling everyone that these people don’t understand ‘British values’.
    As Barack Obama famously said: “There are white folks, and then there are ignorant muthaf*ckers like you.”

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    Filed in: British Identity,Race politics

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    1. David O'Keefe — on 8th February, 2009 at 10:40 pm  

      Glover’s article is rather disingenous. He poses as a defender of the BBC, but he wants a BBC that reflects his puritanical values. There are attacks on Ross, Frankie Boyle and even Adrian Chiles for goodness sake over their depravity; but Thatchers racism is downplayed.

      “Our publicly-funded broadcaster can’t succeed if it is run by a narrow sect unrelated to the values of the people it is supposed to serve and inspire.”

      Perhaps Glover could tell us what these ‘values’ are?

    2. Amrit — on 9th February, 2009 at 1:01 am  

      Please, will the likes of Glover and the Mail stop trying to pass wankerism off as British values? It’s muy deprimente for all those of us with British passports and the really important ‘British values’: stiff upper lips to enable us to cope with such streams of bile-filled denigration and the all-important sense of humour that enables us to laugh at ourselves (and self-righteous moralising cretins who think they have a monopoly on the word ‘British’).

      Clearly, it’s time for the likes of Glover to ‘go back home’ (read: into their fevered imaginations, or maybe to France or Spain like their equally-charming compatriots) because they obviously don’t get what ‘British values’ are (which is why they move ‘abroad’ despite being xenophobic bigots!). I’m not too sure they understand ‘values’ either, seeing as they don’t really have any that are free-standing, and not simply based on fear and flailing negation of the 21st century.

      Nobody outside the BBC seems remotely upset.

      And evidently that in itself upsets him, which is why he spun a whole, desperately-BBC-undermining article out of it.

      Sunny, I think you’re right. We need to take action. Let’s have a PP Mail-burning! Bonus points for anyone who brings marshmallows to soften off the gently-smouldering cinders of the Fail. :-D

    3. damon — on 9th February, 2009 at 11:00 am  

      This was the (usually?) very level headed Deborah Orr in her Independent newspaper column on saturday:

      ”Actually, I’m taking all the news quite personally at the moment. I even had my own golliwog moment this week. Asked who I was going to dress up as for tonight’s Star Trek party, I put on the afro wig from the dressing-up box, spoke fondly of my old hoop earrings, and said I was thinking Lieutenant Uhura (right). “You can’t do that,” said an aghast row of spoilsports. “You’d have to black up.”

      “No, no,” I explained, “I was merely intending to honey over, in a Chelsy Davy way.”

      “You’re mad,” I was told. “This is as bad as when Kadim came back from his holidays, and you said you liked his tan.” But dark skins do tan, beautifully. Can it really be offensive to admire Afro-Caribbean tans?”

    4. damon — on 11th February, 2009 at 2:54 pm  

      Prince Harry was at the centre of a new race row last night after telling a black comic: “You don’t sound like a black chap”.
      I agree that what Thatcher said was pretty naff and ignorant, and I understand that a Daily Mail defence of her might be really annoying.

      But this is where we are getting to now? Prince Harry says something a bit dumb, and there is a media frenzy.
      I’ve just listened to three hours of a radio phone-in show, where Harry’s gaffe was the main subject of conversation. ”How can you tell a person’s race by the way they speak?” seemed to be many people’s point of view. (While of course, other people - including several black people- thought this was a stupid argument).

      Here is the comedian concerned - Stephen K Amos - joking about the very thing which has led to these latest ”racism” claims.
      It’s a youtube of his act, and look for the bit where he describes going into a Harlem bank, and with his plummy English accent, asks the black cashier to change some travellers checks for him (at 4 minutes 20 seconds in).

      Whether you like him or not (and it seems that most people on the left don’t like him), when I hear things like this, I am reminded of the (black) American social commentator, John McWhorter.
      He has written about the pressure from black American society for black people to be ”culturally black” - and he (as someone who doesn’t have the ”right” African American inflection in the way he speaks) has been questioned about how black he really is. ”Are both your parents black?” being one question he has been asked several times.

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