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    Will Obama save the Middle East?

    by Sunny on 21st November, 2008 at 11:09 am    

    The New Yorker thinks all these big names might work:

    The team of Barack (Grandpa Was a Muslim) Obama, Hillary (I’m a Clinton) Clinton, and Rahm (Israel) Emanuel (that’s his real middle name! and he was a volunteer with the I.D.F. during the 1991 Gulf War!), with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton pitching in as necessary, would put the new Administration in an extremely powerful position to apply the kind of pressure that would give Israeli politicians the political cover they need to reach a settlement with the Palestinians. Everyone knows what the deal would look like, including Ehud Olmert. It’s a question of having the political strength and exerting the will to make it happen.

    It’s a good possibility. Over on BBC blogs, Robin Lustig has even created some scenarios, which look plausible. To be honest, I think all this is a bit optimistic, with too many variables all over the place.

    Obama’s priorities will roughly be in this order: economy, environment and healthcare. And frankly, given how fast the US economy is diving, I don’t blame him. Obama has also appointed heavy-hitters to deal with healthcare and the environment, ensuring they will move fast through Congress. He’ll want to get work done.

    The only way FP will come is if it forces its way onto the table. This may depend on how Iran behaves. If it wants to talk, and Obama is in a strong position, then tension may ease across the Middle East and Obama could bang Israeli and Palestinians heads together. Otherwise, all the time will be taken up trying to deal with Iranian nuclear ambitions and a hawkish Russia, with Israel/Palestine condemned to the backburner. Which is why I’m not expecting much from Obama on foreign policy. If I was his position I would do the same. The environment, to me, is a far bigger priority than the Middle East - over the long term it will kill more people and there’s a lot of damage Bush has done.

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    3 Comments below   |   Add your own

    1. Cabalamat — on 21st November, 2008 at 2:37 pm  

      The environment, to me, is a far bigger priority than the Middle East - over the long term it will kill more people

      This is not necessarily true. if there is a major war in the middle east, with China, Russia and America drawn in, and nuclear weapons are used, there could easily be a billion deaths.

    2. » Pickled Politics » Will Obama save the Middle East? Joe Biden On Best Political Blogs: News And Info On Joe Biden — on 22nd November, 2008 at 6:23 am  

      [...] » Will Obama save the Middle East? Posted in November 21st, 2008 by in Uncategorized Pickled Politics » Will Obama save the Middle East? with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton pitching in as necessary, would put the new Administration in an [...]

    3. Imran Khan — on 23rd November, 2008 at 12:36 am  

      Why do people think the Pro Israel Clintons will help the peace process?

      Hilary Israel Clinton didn’t even ackowledge the Palestinians. Bill himself always sided with Israel at times when the negotiations needed independant thought.

      Don’t forget as people wet their pants at this that in fact Clinton never even advocated policy for a two state solution.

      It is more of the same which is what Israel’s Politicians want.

      I mean how many Jewish people stood up and asked Mr. Nuclear Israel Peres about the concessions needed for peace?

      Obama will want to be seen to do something but will he have the guts to tell the parties what they need to do or will be just kick the Palestinians?

      We’ve seen the bullying of Israel and the so called Museum of Tolerance. As one Israeli commentator said the true test for Israel was its respect for other religions and it failed.

      What makes people think that Obama who gave away Jerusalem in one suck up moment at AIPAC will be any different? He has given zero indication that he will apply the pressure. The same people who derailed the last real chance of peace are back and they failed to have the guts last time so why will they now?

      Israel isn’t the 53rd State, the USA is the puppet for Israeli Policy of a bunch of gutless politicians who never want peace. Its that simple and those people don’t care what their own population want.

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