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  • Richard’s big day out

    by Rumbold
    23rd September, 2008 at 9:37 pm    

    Richard Barnbrook doesn’t like foreigners, especially Muslims. That is why he is the BNP’s London Assembly member. Yet, despite this loathing, he found time in his busy schedule to go help some foreigners in Germany (or ‘Germans’, as they are better known). What a nice chap. These Germans (called the Pro-Cologne group), don’t like Muslims either, which was why they were trying to stop the construction of a mosque in Cologne. Richard and his new friends got on well:

    (Foreigner, right)

    Now Richard tells us what happened:

    “Not long back from the Pro-Cologne conference which had to be abandoned due to the violent actions of thousands of specially bussed in left wing thugs.”

    There were thousands of you?

    “On picking up The Times this morning I am left astonished about the nature of the report concerning the weekend’s events.”

    So it wasn’t a BNP propaganda piece you mean?

    “I could go and spend several hours trying to put forward a case of astonishing hypocrisy.”

    Good idea; stick to what you know best.

    Sadly, the conference descended into farce when left-wing protestors found out the location and converged on it. All the brave Islamophobes ran away, and the local businesses wouldn’t even serve them a beer. Richard said the Times article failed to reflect reality, so he made up what happened (no, really). I can do no better than to quote one of the commentators on the thread:

    “The somewhat important difference between your reports would appear to be that the events in one actually happened and you just made up the other.

    You need to grasp the distinction between ‘out there’ (in the world) and ‘in here’ (in your mind).”

    Perhaps it was simply Richard’s creative side reasserting itself?

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    Filed in: Current affairs,Race politics,The BNP

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    1. Sid — on 24th September, 2008 at 10:45 am  

      Someone should tell Richard that the BNP hate poofters as much as they hate wogs.

    2. marvin — on 24th September, 2008 at 5:00 pm  

      Even Charles Johnson is against it

    3. billericaydicky — on 24th September, 2008 at 6:09 pm  

      A friend of mine, she’s black I do have one or two, used to work at a place called the “Colony Room” run by a woman now dead called Muriel Belcher. It was the Soho drinking place for the Krays, Francis Bacon an lately people like Gilbert and George. Very bohemian ducky, if you get my drift.

      Richard was a patron and always turned up pissed, usually with a rent boy in tow. At the time of the Stephen Lawrence thing the club had an exhibition about the killing a which Barnbrook made a number of racial remarks and was barred. I wonder do his friends in the BNP know about this.

      Mind you it is a very badly kept secret that Nick Griffin had an affair with the NF national organiser Martin Webster. Hmmmmm?

    4. Suzy — on 24th September, 2008 at 6:23 pm  

      Why are so many nazis closet gays? Is there a connection between their not accepting their sexuality and the appeal of fascism, like an unacknowledged rage or something?

      My cousin who is gay says that there is a lot of unapologetic racism amongst gays.

    5. Amrit — on 24th September, 2008 at 6:31 pm  


    6. billericaydicky — on 25th September, 2008 at 12:00 pm  


      Good point, someone should do a Phd on it! A friend of mine who used to be in the NF and the BNP said there were many gay men in the movement who refused to acknowledge their sexuality. I remember in the seventies that the Martin Webster I refered to always used to move around with his own personal guard dressed in leather overcoats.

      In Hackney at the moment there is a real rpoblem with Bangladeshi youths attacking gay men around the Shoreditch area which has a lot of gay friendly venues.

      In today’s East London Advertiser two Bangladeshis have just been sent down for assaulting two gay men and another is still in a serious condition after being stabbed.

    7. blah — on 28th September, 2008 at 7:09 pm  

      Apparently those protesting the march are rabid anti-semites we find so much on the left. They assualt a young Jewish man trying to join his neo-Nazi brethren in protesting against the Mooslims

      Aviel, a Jewish man who was beaten up in Cologne on 20 September, explains:

      “My [Jewish] friend, Michael Kucherov was the first casualty here on Friday. He got beaten up for trying to enter the first of our [=Pro Cologne] meetings on Friday. I sorely resent myself for not being there at that time for him. It rips me apart to hear about a Jew being beaten up in the streets of Germany. Well he wouldn’t be the only Jew. The next day as I was trying to enter Heumarkt, I was beaten up by Antifa thugs on Eibahnstrasse. In both incidents, as we were being beaten up, they were yelling and screaming ‘Nazi’ which was quite odd. Michael dressed in a suit but I was wearing my kippa and quite easily identified as a Jew so you can understand how odd it seems to be beaten by Germans in the street and called Nazi when you are Jewish. Anyway, I am going home with a broken rib but my pride still intact. I could have tried to escape or run but no way no how and I going to run or get on my knees for these people. Not this Jew. And one more thing, just let them all know that we (Jews) aren’t all soft. Living here in Europe, we battle thugs and islamists all the time and still ask for more. That’s why I traveled from France to Germany to make this conference. We are on the frontline of a battle which grows darker by the minute.”

    8. Golam Murtaza — on 11th October, 2008 at 10:09 am  

      You hate Muslims so much you’re willing to align yourself with neo-Nazis? Who not that long ago hated you. And probably still do secretly. Oh wonderful. So that’s what Mordechai Anielewicz fought and died for…

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