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  • Jay-Z at Glastonbury

    by Leon
    30th June, 2008 at 12:21 pm    

    Anyone see this at the weekend? A brilliant response by Jay-Z to Noel Gallagher over his stupid comments about who can and cannot play Glastonbury:

    Hat Tip: Candid Culture

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    1. 16 Down » Comment on Jay-Z at Glastonbury by AsifB

      [...] Comment on Jay-Z at Glastonbury by AsifB Sunny (no.16) - yes they’re all different, but they’re similar … no doubt T, Cube and PE in their day would have gone down better with a [...]

    1. AsifB — on 30th June, 2008 at 12:28 pm  

      I did, thanks for asking.

      And kudos to the Beeb for justifying the licence fee in one weekend’s worth of live coverage.

      Hang on though, Noel Gallgher might be feeling smug that much of the audience on screen sounded like it wanted to sing alonga Wonderwall…

      I’m also sure he can take being called a loudmouthed has-been (which he is) when so many of the critics who slate him for being retro and northern proceed to big up the Verve. Or shakin stevens

      As for the sounding a little bit racist argument, I’d have thought playing with Cornershop and the Madchester scene’s general disassocaition of the City from Manning would cover that one - sorry but no amount of ACDC sampling is going to make Jay Z sound as cool or intelligent as Ice T or Public Enemy..

      Frankly the only reason hetrosexual males take Jay Z (and by extension Westwood and his ilk) at all seriously is that he’s married to Beyonce.It’s like a get of jail free card.

      “So my lyrics on 99 problems are possibly even more sexist and less impressive than ACDC’s original …. ”
      - yeah but who’s married to Beyonce
      “and I’m so suburban that Back in Black is my favourite album”
      - er, Beyonce .. etc

    2. Liam Murray — on 30th June, 2008 at 2:17 pm  

      The ACDC wasn’t sampled - he had a live band and they were playing it…

    3. Gege — on 30th June, 2008 at 3:38 pm  

      These are some live tunes! He really rocked the place.


    4. The Common Humanist — on 30th June, 2008 at 4:44 pm  

      I am going to re-watch the Jay-Z set as was quite drunk on Saturday but my impression was that he wasn’t as witty and articulate as I been lead to believe by mates. I was dubious about Jay-Z headlining as I admit am not hugely upto date with hip hop as I dislike the ganster, mysogynistic and homophobic stuff. As a ref point I own Spearhead and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy albums.

      The Verve aced last night though. Glad they are back.

      Anyway, fair play to Emily Eavis was booking him ( 8-( but no Beyonce!) and the Beeb’s coverage was, as ever, excellant. A capricious and uncaring universe bless ‘em!

    5. Rohin — on 30th June, 2008 at 5:59 pm  

      AsifB that’s not fair. I quite like Jay-Z and his production, more than his music, and I can’t stand Beyoncé. But sure he’s not in the same category as Public Enemy, Tupac or NWA.

      I just finished washing for several hours after returning from Glasto. In response to your question Leon, with Massive Attack and Squarepusher clashing with Jay-Z, he didn’t have a chance. In fact I didn’t see any acts on the main stage all week. But hip hop definitely has a place at Glasto, I’m glad Jay-Z, Lupe, Dizzee were received well.

    6. halima — on 30th June, 2008 at 6:39 pm  

      Brilliant , brilliant, brilliant, love the response. Very intelligent.

    7. davebones — on 30th June, 2008 at 8:48 pm  

      Jay Z was great no? If you see him on Johnathan Ross on the iPlayer he is quite bright and has an affinity with British humour. I don’t think he took the Noel Gallagher thing seriously, it set the whole show up really didn’t it. Oasis are and always were the lowest common denominator of British music. Hip Hop maybe cliched but not as badly as Oasis by a long mile. Its a shame Glastonbury is more a glorified pub than a real festival since they put that fence up but there you are. I have the memories, and the real energy moves elsewhere.
      As for the hip hop takeover of youth culture I am all for it.

    8. steve platt — on 30th June, 2008 at 9:59 pm  

      Very witty, very intelligent - though I’m not sure he would have carried it off without the help of the audience. That was awful singing - sounded like my sister after six pints …

    9. Ambria Miscia — on 30th June, 2008 at 10:23 pm  

      The bottom line at a concert is: does the crowd know the lyrics to sing along to with the artist, does the artist make the crowd energetic and does he sell tickets.
      The answer to these three questions is YES. Oasis seems a little nauseating with his objections to another, well known artist… quite obviously he did NOT want to be upstaged but that is EXACTLY what happened. I wasnt there but I saw the entire show…. Goes to show that what is popular and enjoyable is popular and anyone who works hard like Jay Z to provide that for audiences is going to win. Crying and whining and naysaying is really all negative energy that ends up hurting yourself in the end (like it did when Jay Z made fun of Oasis’ song). He would NEVER have done that if Oasis hadn’t called Jay out.

    10. soultrain — on 30th June, 2008 at 11:10 pm  

      “For those that didn’t get the memo, my name’s Jay Z, and I’m pretty f***ing awesome” LOL

      i was watchin it on the box and thought it was a good concert from what i saw. anyone notice him mixin in an old prodigy track into his set, along with doing a bit of a risky track selection performin some his older less known classics that hip hop heads know but i don’t think the whole crowd knew what to do except be appreciative of it if nothing else – jay z seemed to get the most support for his most popular tracks such as encore, hard knock life, the punjabi mc bootleg – and then the stunts like covering wonderwall, the america boy rap – made for loads of highlights which made the gig more talked about and more memorable than just watching another band of guitars.

      if anything its almost as if noel gallaghers throwaway comment forced jay z to step us his game for the festival.

      unfortunately he loses points for not punching someone in the audience! seriously though, its not uncommon at all for hip hop acts to be at the festival, typically on the side stages – this year was no exception.

    11. Sid — on 30th June, 2008 at 11:45 pm  

      Westwood was a black man to some but he never meant shit to me. ;)

    12. Amrit — on 1st July, 2008 at 12:06 am  

      Sid - is that a Royce da 5’9 reference, or am I barking up the wrong rapper here?

    13. Sid — on 1st July, 2008 at 12:09 am  

      public enemy

    14. Amrit — on 1st July, 2008 at 12:21 am  

      Damn my late ’80s birth! OK, at least now I know that Royce nicked it off Public Enemy. :-D

      I think Westwood is only a black man in his own feverish imaginings! I was inspired by the mentions of him to check out his Wiki entry. Apparently one of his catchphrases is: ‘”Bow down and kiss the ring… and I don’t wear any jewellery”.’


    15. mixtogether — on 1st July, 2008 at 1:02 am  

      Props to Westwood. His crown is always up for the taking, by any other UK DJ with better and longer standing Hip Hop credentials…

      As for ‘Jigga my Nigga’, it was a big spectacle, but only the quietest bit in the middle where he was rhyming with a conscience was true Glasto. It is utterly hypocritical for anyone (especially Jay Zeavis) to big up his hustle/bling/bitches steez while lamenting the tide of imported US gang affiliation that is eating young black kids in this country like a cancer (true indeed).

      RIP Ben Kinsella.

    16. Sunny — on 1st July, 2008 at 1:13 am  

      “So my lyrics on 99 problems are possibly even more sexist and less impressive than ACDC’s original …. ”
      - yeah but who’s married to Beyonce
      “and I’m so suburban that Back in Black is my favourite album”
      - er, Beyonce .. etc

      ha ha!

      Saying that, why are you comparing Jay-Z to Public Enemy, Ice T or even NWA? They’re all different. I don’t like Jay Z as much as oher hip hop artists but he’s still a mean MC.

    17. AsifB — on 1st July, 2008 at 10:13 am  

      Liam(no.2) - ok he employs a good guitarist, you know what i mean by sampling.

      Sunny (no.16) - yes they’re all different, but they’re similar genre and as points of reference, i’ve no doubt T, Cube and PE in their day would have gone down better with a festival crowd- simply because they are better /had more lyrical credibility and sounded like they enjoyed the hard rock and jazz they sampled.

      everyone - Look I’m showing my age, what with praising tv coverage, defending Gallagher and whatnot , so I will bow out of this - but not without restating that were it not for his missus, some of his defenders would be taking a much harder look at Mr Z - come on really he said he liked Coldplay on Jonathan Ross.
      How many of Mr Paltrow’s riffs will survive 40 years?

    18. bananabrain — on 1st July, 2008 at 3:25 pm  

      well, fair enough, i’m going to be rude about jay-z liking that preening, weedy testosterone-free version of u2 (and give me ac/dc, or ice-t any day) but then again - he does get to go home to beyoncé nights. as al pacino might put it, “hoo-hah”.



    19. Sallama Hu'alayha — on 1st July, 2008 at 6:56 pm  

      The NWA are incomparable! (straight outta comptom!)

    20. Leon — on 1st July, 2008 at 8:54 pm  

      Westwood was a black man to some but he never meant shit to me.

      LOL! Very nice, Westwood is a fucking idiot.

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