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  • The tide against Al-Qaeda gets stronger

    by Sunny
    10th December, 2005 at 5:55 am    

    Though the rudeboys in suits and self-important clowns continue to scream hysterically about Zionist conspiracies, Muslims around the world are no longer keeping quiet about their anger against religious militancy.

    The bombings in Amman, Jordan, which sparked the huge anti-Zarqawi backlash and support for the USA, has inspired plenty of Jordanians to start blogging and get themselves heard, Black Iris reports.

    More bombs in Bangladesh (Rewzan has good analysis) prompted leading Muslim clerics in BD to protest and denounce them. “Islam prohibits suicide bombings. These bombers are enemies of Islam,” the chief cleric, Obaidul Haq, told worshippers. Zulfikar Ali is hoping they won’t become the next Afghanistan, Salam Dhaka reckons the ruling BNP may face a rebellion.

    In Indonesia, volunteers from the largest Islamic organisation will guard churches across the country on Christmas amid fears of terrorist attacks on those places.

    Here, the biggest legitimate apologists for Al-Qaeda are holding a rally today to demonstrate against the government’s upcoming laws on inciting terrorism. Even most politically active Muslims ignore them on the issue, and when HuT get invited on TV to discuss it, they hide. Not surprising that the MAB is sharing a platform with these extremists.

    Lastly, it looks like the rudeboys from MPAC are getting defensive over their Zionist conspiracy bollocks too.

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    1. Indigo Jo Blogs

      Review: MPAC UK and Alan Hart at Friends’ House

      Tonight’s event was billed as “The Big Debate”: MPACUK hosting a debate involving their own Asghar Bukhari, former ITV News and Panorama presenter Alan Hart, and Stephen Marks of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. The MC was Sadia Hussain, also…

    2. NeoCenturions

      Keeping the Faith

      Just a quickie-post on a story that may single-handedly have restored my dwindling faith in humanity. Via Harry’s Place, we learn that an Indonesian Islamic youth organisation has pledged to guard churches against possible terrorist attack during Chr…

    1. Jay Singh — on 10th December, 2005 at 10:08 am  

      I am most impressed by the decision of Islamic organisations in Indonesia to physically guard churches against attack by terrorists - this is a good example of practical things that are more than just about physical safety - as a gesture they are priceless. Well done to them.

    2. Steve M — on 10th December, 2005 at 10:51 am  

      How is the tide of Muslim opinion in the UK is moving relative to that in in Jordan, Bangladesh and Indonesia?

      Hizb ut-Tahrir’s statement yesterday amused me:

      In an unprecedented show of unity, thousands of Muslims from across the UK will march from Parliament Square to Hyde Park tomorrow [Saturday 10th December 2005] to demonstrate against the oppressive anti-terror laws being introduced by the UK government.

      I look forward to discovering how many people actually attend and how unprecedented a show of unity we’re in for today.

    3. sonia — on 10th December, 2005 at 11:11 am  

      good post!

    4. BevanKieran — on 10th December, 2005 at 12:05 pm  

      It is also a gesture of some courage as they may now be a target in the eyes of groups such as Jamai Islamia.

      In the case of Britain groups such as the Hizb and MPAC are marginal but will try to get mainstream acceptance in two ways.

      1)Tidy up their obscenities from the past and controlling their language in public a.k.a BNP.
      2)Newsorganisations such as the BBC who have invited members of these groups without commensurates health warnings (Hizb’s radical programme and their’s and MPAC’s history of anti-semitism) and giving them the “oxygen of publicity.”

    5. El Cid — on 10th December, 2005 at 12:58 pm  

      All good to hear as a christian/agnostic/intellectual coward (delete according to taste).
      My only wish is that people like you, Al-Hack, Rohin, et al and the views that you represent — whether moslem or just Asian British — had a bigger exposure in the mainstream press.
      After all, many in the media keep complaining about a lack of solidarity on the part of our Asian/moslem citizens.
      P.S. I don’t think “rudeboy” travels that well. Is it the same as “thug” or “dickhead” coz all it conjures up for me is The Specials, Too much too young, Suggs, Buster Bloodvessel, etc.

    6. BevanKieran — on 10th December, 2005 at 3:15 pm  


      Interesting review. However I would not describe Askhar Bugharis speech as disappointing, but hysterical and demogogic. Though you pointed out his obsession with “pacific Muslims”, concerned with spiritual matters instead of political, you neglected to mention what he thought the consequences of their pacifity would be.

      “Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it could be your neck on the block. Remember Bosnia.” His further use of phrases such as “they are killing your mother and sister” (presumably “Zionists” in Palestine) hardly lends credence to your perception of a toned down speech. When the web of the “Zionist” lobby includes British-Fijians, MPACUK must really believe that there is a danger to Muslims in the U.K.

      “I have never believed that MPAC are a racist or malicious organisation.”

      Faced with the quote from the leader of this organistion; Nick Griffin of the B.N.P was charged with incitement to hatred for a similar quote-, “Will do for someone in your family. That is the truth.”, do you recant this belief?

    7. waxon — on 10th December, 2005 at 7:54 pm  

      In response to this article…you have the right to your opinion and theories.

      1) Is it not fair you provide us with some of these ‘Zionist conspiracies’ or should we just take your word for it? When the Americans tell us they are fighting for the freedom of Iraqis and democracy…is this not a conspiracy on a much greater and devasting scale…

      2) These ‘backlash protests’ are deliberate Western orchestrated steps and again benefit the west. Most Jordanians do not support the USA and many do not believe that the Hotel bombing (Which i guess is the incident you are referring too ) was orchestrated by ‘AL-QAEDA’ …evidence available points otherwise.

      Here is a link you may find useful:

      Did Israel have prior knowledge of the terror attacks on three hotels in Amman, Jordan, which led to the death of 57 people?

      According to an official Jordanian statement, the casualties included 33 Jordanians, six Iraqis, two Bahrainis, three Chinese, an Indonesian, a Syrian, a Saudi and an American.


      More Holes in the official story


      Amman Bombings: More Suspicious Details


      (The CIA has long been involved in creating ‘protests’ all around the world, in fact the Israeli government pays people as ‘Spokesperson’ to promote and support Israeli interest, especially in Muslim countries…isn’t this propaganda, just like these protests?’)

      3) In regards to Bangladesh, this is not an area I have knowledge on, but I am aware there is huge opposition to the current Governemnt and has been for years. Over the years dozens of oppossion Ministers have been assassinated aswell as Journalists.

      The current government is also an American Ally against the ‘war on terror’ and Amercian officials have travelled there for talks earlier this year…and soon after we are seeing a series of bombings and the Government is installing ‘counter-terrorism’ Laws…Bangladesh is just a number of countries globally installing such measures, which could be part of the ‘war on terror’ or its in their interest of maintaining power…

      Australia is the more recent country undergoing ‘counter-terrorism action’ and there is huge suspicion that such acts are deliberate ploys and part of a bigger picture.

      4) You mention Al-Qaeda, it is important we know the history of who Al-Qaeda are and who funded them and who still funds this group…

      Please do not confuse the cause of protest rallys as promoting the interest of extremists. Supporting legitamate resistance and creating awareness is something Humans should be proud to display….not so long ago Mandela, Ghandi were Terrorists and Saddam was an Ally. The tides may turn, but truth prevails.

    8. Don — on 10th December, 2005 at 8:29 pm  

      Maybe Sunny should run adverts for tin foil hats, there seems to be a growing market around here.

    9. Bikhair — on 10th December, 2005 at 9:24 pm  

      If thier rejection of Al Qaida is not according to the Quran and the Sunnah these pronouncements are absolutely and positively useless. But it will give the kafirs on Pickled Politics a warn and fuzzy feeling which makes me wonder if that was the whole point. Sigh….

    10. Don — on 10th December, 2005 at 9:56 pm  


      I checked your terms and conditions; You grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including without limitation print and electronic format.

      It’s too late for this Christmas, but if Bikhair sticks around (fingers crossed) and doesn’t actually implode with twisted piety, could you please publish a ‘Collected Wisdom …’. The perfect stocking filler, it could outsell ’100 Crap Towns’.

      Unless it runs afoul of the Religious Hatred Bill. She’s like a busy little factory happily creating Islamophobes, that girl could apostatize an immam through sheer irritation.

    11. Sunny — on 10th December, 2005 at 10:03 pm  

      Wow Waxon - you found a website to support your conspiracy theories. Fancy that.

      I’m not really surprised you believe :

      a) The Jordanian protests were “orchestrated”. Fantasising is sometimes nicer than listening to what the people are actually saying themselves eh?

      b) Bangladesh is just a number of countries globally installing such measures, which could be part of the ‘war on terror’ or its in their interest of maintaining power…
      Or it could be you have no real clue on what is going on, which I think is more likely to be the case.

      c) The tides may turn, but truth prevails.
      Nice phrase, shame that you’re so blinded by what you are desperate to believe than what is actually going on.

      But don’t let me stop you and and your silly sister Bikhair sing from the same hymn sheet, it is most entertaining. :) Bikhair darling, I wonder if you get a fuzzy feeling in your stomach when innocent people get blown up in Bangladesh. Try living there, maybe then it won’t be so easy being an armchair Hizb activist.

    12. Sunny — on 10th December, 2005 at 10:04 pm  

      that girl could apostatize an immam through sheer irritation.

      Ha ha! Ain’t that the truth.

    13. BevanKieran — on 10th December, 2005 at 11:01 pm  

      A review on Harry’s Place of yesterday’s MPACUK debate yesterday.

    14. Siddhartha — on 10th December, 2005 at 11:22 pm  

      Yusuf Smith has still not responded to your demands to apologise/recant for his beliefs because of the actions of the racist clown Askhar Bukhari of MPACuk. Will you making similar demands from White Protestants for apologies and recantations for the existance of David Duke the ex-KKK racist?

    15. BevanKieran — on 11th December, 2005 at 12:06 am  


      I won’t be badgering Yusuf any further. It was a daft request anyway. The accusation was made because Yusuf explicitly stated MPACUK were not a racist organisation in spite of overwhelming evidence.
      If a white Protestant, or brown Hindu, or Asian Buddhist were to do the same and denied that David Duke/respective bigots were racist, anti-semite etc then of course I would do the same.

      In fact, when there are non-Islamist extremists (I guess by now that you think I have a problem with extremists of just one particular religion/race-Harry’s Place deals by and large with far green and far red issues, so thats where the bias comes from) having a debate, in and around London, then tell me and I will gladly confront them.

    16. El Cid — on 11th December, 2005 at 10:03 am  

      The tides may turn, but truth prevails.

      Or you can just believe what you want to believe and ignore any facts that get in the way of a good story. I would call you an eeejet but I have a feeling that you know exactly what you are doing. By whatever means necessary?
      Luckily for the rest of us, the tides may turn but the truth does indeed prevail.

    17. Yusuf Smith — on 11th December, 2005 at 11:32 am  

      From BevanKieran:

      “Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it could be your neck on the block. Remember Bosnia.” His further use of phrases such as “they are killing your mother and sister” (presumably “Zionists” in Palestine) hardly lends credence to your perception of a toned down speech. When the web of the “Zionist” lobby includes British-Fijians, MPACUK must really believe that there is a danger to Muslims in the U.K.

      Well, I found it “toned down” compared to the tone of some of the mailshots they send out (as I said before, often unsolicited) to their Muslim readers, which are much more vitriolic towards Muslims. I’ve written about their attitude on so many occasions on IJB and the sentiments they express about their fellow Muslims make what they say about Jews seem mild. What they really think about Jews I don’t know, but they seem careful to distinguish Jews generally from the Zionist establishment, which is why I don’t think they are racist.

      As for David Duke, his roots are in the KKK and he has more recently moved into “I’m not racist, I just support rights for whites” type territory. You can’t compare a group of juvenile Muslim activists with him or with Hindutva-type bigots.

    18. BevanKieran — on 11th December, 2005 at 12:39 pm  


      The equivalence of David Duke/MPACuk is wrong but I was answering a question from Siddartha who excels in disjointed corollaries.

      I am not prepared to give slack to an organisation that describes itself as a “predominantly, web-based group” in the brochure, manages to swipe a few articles of the David Duke website, and then attributes this to tiredness and poor funding.

      You did not convey Asghar’s hysterical tone and use of bloody imagery in your review. I find your interpretation of MPACuk’s methods interesting. Using the same analogy, that directing fear of the consequences of inaction for one group translates as some kind of hatred for them, and little for the “other”. i.e The B.N.P actually hate white Britons, and their hatred towards non-whites seems mild.

      Asghar loathes the “passive (too spiritual, religous and not political enough)” Muslim while Nick Griffin loathes the Briton who does not put his colour first. Both are trying to change that.

      While you found Alan Hart’s comment to you rude (which it was), I found Askghar’s acknowledgement of myself and Mikey , as being part of the Zionist lobby, with phrases such as “they are deadly” and “we will always be under attack” a little scary, explaining our hasty departure at the end.

      What is the “Zionist establishment”.

    19. Siddharth — on 11th December, 2005 at 12:58 pm  

      I thought a “disjointed corollary” was more than called for in response to your ridiculous diatribe in (7) where you asked Yusuf Smith to “recant” because of the view of a co-religionist.

    20. BevanKieran — on 11th December, 2005 at 1:17 pm  

      You manage to repeat the disjointed corollary. The religion of someone who considers MPACUuk not “racist or malicous.”, despite the weight of evidence, is irrelevant.

    21. Siddharth — on 11th December, 2005 at 1:20 pm  

      Meanwhile, to comment on Sunny’s original post.
      The terrorism in Bangladesh and its susequent backlash by its Muslim population against this extermism is being played out as we speak. The differences in ideologies of Bangladeshi fanatics are a million miles away from ‘Al-Qaeda’ 7/7. The only similarity is the ability for politically disgruntled Muslims to appropriate the “ethos” of terrorism for their own cause. The cause, however, for each group seems to be no relationship in time and place for each Islamic “group”.
      BD’s spate of terrorist attacks seems to be playing along the lines of class and sectarian warfare rather than part and parcel of a plan “to establish the Kingdom of God eveywhere in the world”. But we know that the only people who have their own specific agendae, and yes I’m speaking about those bedmates: Hizbut Tahrir and Scott Burgess and his cronies.

    22. Siddharth — on 11th December, 2005 at 1:31 pm  

      BK: You were not clear on what Yusuf Smith should recant. To me, recant means to renounce one’s faith/religion/ecumenism. And I thought you were asking Yusuf to renounce his faith because a third person Muslim’s prejudiced views.

      Unless you mean he should recant his alleged support of MPACuk. In which case, the word recant would not be my first choice.

      Which one is it?

    23. Al-Hack — on 11th December, 2005 at 1:44 pm  

      BD’s spate of terrorist attacks seems to be playing along the lines of class and sectarian warfare rather than part and parcel of a plan “to establish the Kingdom of God eveywhere in the world”.

      Some of the latest threats by that terrorist org in Bangladesh extend to women who do not veil when they are walking around. That group does want an Islamic republic in BD while the country is happy being secular. Knowing how fiesty Bangladeshi women are, I doubt their threats will go down well.

    24. Juan Golblado — on 11th December, 2005 at 2:43 pm  

      The Bangladeshi cleric, Obaid ul Haq, said something about Islamist terrorists in his country which I wish we had heard more of here. What we heard here after 7/7 and in the US after 9/11 was overwhelmingly, “these terrorists are not Muslims”. (Although this was usually not said in the literal sense of denying who did it, it played into the hands of the likes of waning Waxon commenting above.)

      What chief cleric ul Haq said was “These bombers are enemies of Islam”. That makes me feel like he is on the right side.

      El Cid was asking about a transatlantic translation for “rudeboys”. Sartorially, think about Los Pachucos
      Politically, think about these guys. Though Sunny may have had in mind the originals. Sunny can tell you more about what he meant — if he’s still around. And may he have good relaxing holidays if not!

    25. BevanKieran — on 11th December, 2005 at 3:17 pm  

      Siddarth, more disjointed corallaries. Unbelievable!
      I did not allege that Yusuf supports MPACuk.
      Lets take this one step at a time.

      recant-To disavow (something previously written or said) irrevocably and usually formally. Nothing to do with religious belief (especially in the context used).

      What did Yusuf state!
      “I have never believed that MPAC are a racist or malicious organisation.”

      So correction should be (statement or non-belief to be recanted)

      Sunny, I apologise for this conversation as it makes crap reading. If Siddartha and I can come to a consensus soon, then feel free to delete related posts.

    26. Sunny — on 11th December, 2005 at 3:29 pm  

      Bevan - Don’t worry about it…

      El Cid / Juan - I’m using very British Asian slang when using the term ‘rudeboys’. It simply refers to wannabe macho men / gangsters who possess little brain power and constantly talk about being powerful when in reality they’re mummy’s boys who live meekly at home.

    27. Siddhartha — on 11th December, 2005 at 8:17 pm  

      BevanKeiran: Thank you for clearing up your misuse of the word ‘recant’.

      Juan Golblado: Obaidul Haq was sensible enough not to hide behind the “Not Muslims” claim, even if he has more reason than anyone to claim the opposite. You see, the last bomb detonated by the bicycle bomber in Netrakona, Bangladesh was Hindu. A twist in the tale that is not going to prevent Bangladeshis in working against Terrorism as such.

    28. Jeet — on 11th December, 2005 at 10:04 pm  

      Of course, Yusuf Smith does not think Bukhari is a bigot - he is in deep sympathy with bigots like him and just wishes he would drop the teeth gnashing psychopathy towards other Muslims and only be nasty to the kaffirs and Qadianis - such is the mellow bigotry of Yusuf Smith the CULT quantifier.

      Pigs in swill together. If only they’d stop harassing fellow Muslims and stick to hating and justifying killing kaffirs, Yusuf Smith wouldnt be able to contain his erection.

    29. Col. Mustafa — on 12th December, 2005 at 2:29 pm  

      Great, waxon is spewing shit here as well.

      It doesn’t matter how many muslims in diffferent countries are standing up against the policies of al-qaeda or other extremist groups, the fact is that there are muslims doing it.

      It has to start somewhere, and its good to see this happen as these muslims will gain more and more support as they aren’t scared to talk out.

      Very happy to hear about indonesia as it shows that these people really give a toss about human life rather that just muslim life.

    30. bananabrain — on 12th December, 2005 at 3:21 pm  

      has anyone noticed the preponderance of anti-israeli rhetoric and slogans at these anti-war marches? it’s always “iraq & palestine” - as if the iraq case wasn’t enough to be made on its own. i mean, isn’t it supposed to be about opposing the war in iraq, not about israel-bashing? seems to me that the whole thing has been completely hijacked (if you’ll pardon the phrase) by self-appointed left-wing/fundie spokesmen for the palestinian cause these days. not that even if a jewish person wanted to join in one of these marches, the date being on a saturday will exclude most jews from it:

      In an unprecedented show of unity, thousands of Muslims from across the UK will march from Parliament Square to Hyde Park tomorrow [Saturday 10th December 2005] to demonstrate against the oppressive anti-terror laws being introduced by the UK government.

      these marches are always on saturdays, you’ll notice, because that prevents the most committed counter-demonstrators (ie, sabbath-observant jews) from staging rival marches. funny, that.

      you will further notice that the only jewish people that are ever given a platform in these kangaroo debates (if that’s the correct adjective) are those myopic glory hounds “jews for justice for palestinians” (as if the rest of us weren’t in favour of this, rather like not being “anti-war” apparently means you are somehow “pro-war”). now, i know quite a few of these JFJFP characters personally and while most of them are perfectly nice people, they’re not what you’d call reasonable. rather than provide a principled workable alternative (like, say, the new israel fund, or rabbis for human rights, or anything that goes on in the dialogue world) they prefer to restrict themselves to trying to make out everything is israel’s fault and excuse everything that is done against it. they’re not quite “neturei karta” (those loony chasids that call for the destruction of israel and are always on any anti-israel platform they can find but they are incredibly dogmatic, angry people. they are always writing incredibly long letters to the jewish press (which for some reason never gets bored of printing them) and frankly they really don’t do themselves any favours. it is highly understandable that MPAC, MAB and other members of the everyone-hates-us crowd feel that they are “safe” debating partners. you don’t see them inviting anybody like michael gove or that one guy at the israeli embassy who actually speaks english (don’t get me started how totally crap the israelis are at PR). frankly, my rabbi could make mincemeat of them - and from a principled, reasonable, humanitarian and moral PoV - although, so could my auntie, who has no such claim to fame. being the only likud voter on a kibbutz within range of iranian-funded hizbollah katyushas and in range of some very loud muezzins has given her a certain attitude, even for an israeli. hehe.



    31. El Cid — on 12th December, 2005 at 4:02 pm  

      I dont know where you are based but I’m in norf London, na’ata meen?

    32. rain man — on 14th December, 2005 at 11:56 am  

      DAVID SHAYLER on in Leeds tonight talking about the 7/7 attacks along family of the FRAMED London bombers - so come along and support if you’re in the area.


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