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  • A higher state of conciousness

    by Sunny
    19th April, 2008 at 12:16 pm    

    Nothing political for once, but this video, which I saw last night, is amazing. Brain surgeon Dr Jill Bolte Taylor initially talks about how our brain works. But then she explains what happens when she suffers a stroke. Suddenly she’s evaluating her own brain while she’s going through her stroke and eventually thinks she reached a higher state of conciousness. “Nirvana”, is her exact word.

    I’ve always been interested in how to get to a higher state of conciousness. What she says, essentially, is that our right side of the brain works more in a way that relates to energy around us, while the left side of the brain brings us back down to earth and is more methodical in the way it works. If it were possible to stimulate the right side further, she thinks we would all be able to reach that higher state.

    From a theological point, her view of the world being full of energy and us being part of that energy is very much how basic Hinduism and Buddhism see the world. In a way, what she’s also saying is that all those “visions” and feelings that religious people have, is simply a result of brain stimulation.
    via Feministing.

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    1. marvin — on 19th April, 2008 at 1:54 pm  

      Well, I must constantly in a higher state of consciousness as I’m left handed, and right brained…

      Actually I really like this 12 pathways to higher consciousness. It was written by a Ken Keyes in the 60′s, it’s basic tenet is like that of Buddhism it is our attachment to things cause us pain, and that we will be liberated in to a higher state of consciousness if we can overcome our mental addictions to the state of our outside world.

      I’ve read his book the Handbook to Higher Consciousness. Helped me to deal with my insane and infuriating flatmate at the time… I’d recommend it you’re feeling stressed or just fancy going through a spiritual hippy phase.

    2. Tu S. Tin — on 19th April, 2008 at 2:25 pm  

      I love stuff like this!
      marvin, why does a comment related to “hippies”? always have to be made by someone? I think that tends to make people discredit all useful information and stunt progress………
      the current mental health industry is full of doctors and scientists leaning towards this school of thought - or the other- when will the two combine? since its common knowledge, as this woman points out for us again the separate functions of our brain hemispheres?
      I don’t have a favorite example to add….
      everyone has some step or pyramid analogy that basically all say the same things.
      This is interesting

    3. Rohin — on 19th April, 2008 at 2:52 pm  

      Well, that marvellous website Pickled Politics has already touched on this: http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/388

      Much research has also been done into temporal lobe epilepsy, which neurologists believe could account for many religious experiences, here is a link or two:


      And, sorry to nitpick Sunny, but Jill Taylor is a neuroanatomist, not a (medical) doctor nor a surgeon. She also sings. Brain surgeons don’t sing.

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