EDL founder convicted after hooligan brawl

by Rumbold
25th July, 2011 at 5:27 pm    

This should do wonders for the EDL’s image:

Stephen Lennon, 28, led Luton Town supporters and chanted “EDL till I die”" as they clashed with Newport County fans in Luton, a court heard. He was charged with using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour during the clash on 24 August last year. He denied the charges but was convicted after a trial on Monday at Luton and South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court.

Nor was this his first conviction:

Lennon, who has previous convictions for assault, possession of cocaine and disorderly behaviour, shook his head upon hearing the verdict.

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  1. damon — on 26th July, 2011 at 2:21 am  

    I think I must have become a troll. I’m beginning to disagree with every other thing said on PP and LC.

    The least interesting thing about Stephen Lennon is that he’s a football hooligan. Of course he is and everyone knows that’s what the EDL are.
    He was on Newsnight again tonight and it’s worth closely listening to what he says on the programme.
    They are the lumpen reaction to things that are getting swept under the carpet (they think).
    Now that we have the internet, everyone can read Melanie Phillips and tales of ”the coming Eurabian nightmare” and their’s is just a particular form of working class reaction to things they don’t like the sound of.

    I would recommend people listen to a couple of hours of Mike Graham on Talk Sport Radio from 1am in the early hours. They are talking about Norway and the EDL right now, and it is worthwhile to hear the voice of the proletariat talking freely.

    The sort of thing that gets the EDL going, is when one of the anti-muslim websites does a link to a youtube about rapes of women by strangers in Oslo. And a policewoman says that nearly all the suspects are of foriegn origin.

    They react badly to things like that, as it’s not something they hear anyone else talking about – and they presume that the lefty Guardian readers and the UAF are taking the mick out of them and people like them.

  2. Imran — on 26th July, 2011 at 7:54 am  

    This is a very interesting take on the subject and one that I largely agree with. Far too many of the great and the good read the Guardian and then assume that the opinions expresed therein are widely held throughout the country but this is not the case.

    There is certainly revulsion at what happened in Norway but the opinions of the EDL are more widely supported than Guardian/Liberal opinion would credit.

    Although only a minority of my co-religionists would support 9/11 and 7/7 type atrocities we are all tarred with the same brush and to a great extent the Guardianists and the extreme left are to blame for refusing to accept that reasoned criticism of Islamism is not Islamophobia.

    I live next door to Tower Hamlets and am not alone in hoping that the government will ban the proposed EDL march scheduled for September as both the organisers and those planning a counter protest are simply spoiling for a fight.

    Far too many of those who oppose groups like the EDL believe themselves to be the heirs to Cable St and wish for nothing more than a good fight to tell their chldren about.

  3. Optimist — on 26th July, 2011 at 4:26 pm  

    It was a shame that Jermy Paxman did not point this out when he interviewed him last night on Newsnight. He did not even ask him how he can claim that EDL are a non-violent organization when he himself was convicted of violence on that same day? And it was not for the first time.

    It was a totally pointless interview where Paxman totally failed to pin him down and let him slither around allowing him to use the BBC for even more of the EDL’s vile propaganda.

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