A ‘Bad Man’ With Good Looks… and serious religious messages

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23rd July, 2011 at 10:02 am    

This is a guest post by Sarah. She blogs here.

Going through the BBC News website yesterday, I discovered Muslim comedian Humza Arshad, AKA ‘Badman’ for the first time. What I didn’t know then was that he has already had literally millions of Youtube hits, been on BBC Asian Network and will soon be starting his first comedy tour, joined by several well known British Asian comedians including Jeff Mirza.

After a hilarious half hour, during which I was mostly literally laughing out loud, I found out all this and more. Humza Arshad- sorry, ‘Badman,’ has a Youtube channel through which he runs his comedy video diary. It’s called- you guessed it- Diary of a Badman. The caption of his first Youtube video describes him as ‘a badman with seriously good looks.’

According to BBC News, Humza hopes his comedy will not only entertain, but also challenge perceptions of Islam. His videos are filled with moments of fun about everything from the iPhone 4 to the Asian woman’s Tupperware obsession- something that all British Asian children of a certain age know only too well!

But what makes Humza Arshad stand out is that each of his videos ends with a serious message connected to Islamic teachings. In the first, after a fight with his mum, he ends by recalling the Prophet’s words about respecting mothers (by tests forge richards). In his Eid video, he explains that the festival is all about sacrifice and in the latest, he makes sure to thank Allah, along with his fans, for his success.

If Humza Arshad’s comedy sounds like your cup of ‘chai,’ you can watch his whole series of Youtube videos here. He also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. And he now takes bookings- he can be emailed at badmanbooking[at]hotmail.co.uk.

I, for one, can’t wait for his next video.

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  1. sunny hundal

    Blogged: : A ‘Bad Man’ With Good Looks… and serious religious messages http://bit.ly/p4rEwK

  1. platinum786 — on 23rd July, 2011 at 11:36 am  

    Humza is a legend!

  2. Suzy — on 23rd July, 2011 at 12:17 pm  

    To be honest, his ‘dawah’ puts me off him, completely.

  3. THResident — on 23rd July, 2011 at 12:48 pm  


    You’d probably prefer someone like Jimmy ‘Hard’ Nails


    *contains strong language*

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