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  • Rosa Parks and Isiah Young-Sam rest in peace

    by Al-Hack
    25th October, 2005 at 3:22 pm    

    For years before her arrest, Mrs Parks had been active with local civil rights groups, which were looking for a test case to fight the city’s segregation laws. Her arrest triggered a 381-day boycott of the bus system organised by the then little-known Rev Luther King Jr, and the protest led to the desegregation of the transport system.

    Speaking in 1992, Mrs Parks said of her famous bus protest: “The real reason of my not standing up was I felt that I had a right to be treated as any other passenger. We had endured that kind of treatment for too long.”

    From the BBC. More on her life here. She was also one of Time’s top 100 people. But Rosa Park’s legacy is important now more than ever.

    Isiah Young-Sam, 24, had not been involved in any of the confrontations between the Pakistani and African-Caribbean communities that erupted on Saturday evening, officers from the West Midlands police said.

    The victim was, they said, innocently walking home with his younger brother, Zephaniah, and two friends, when three cars pulled up alongside them and launched into a furious attack. Detective Superintendent Dave Mirfield said: “The group was approached by three cars. Those cars contained, we believe, between 10 and 11 men. These men got out of the cars, armed with knives, and attacked Isiah and his friends.”

    From the Guardian. May your soul rest in peace brother and may the people who started this race war, on both sides, pay for their sins.

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    1. Blogistan

      Calling Malcolm X

      Last night, at the age of 92, Rosa Parks died peacefully in her sleep. Refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in 1955, she unwittingly initiated the US civil rights movement. Following her arrest for this ‘crime’, Baptist minister Marti…

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      Pickled Politics &raqu…

    3. Stephan Sandner

      Pickled Politics » Rosa Parks and Isiah Young-Sam rest in peace

      Pickled Politics &raqu…

    1. pecan — on 25th October, 2005 at 11:09 pm  

      Rosa Parks was legendary, such simple action as hers but what an effect they had upon civil rights for all!!!
      Rest in Peace!!!!What a shining example.

    2. Nindy — on 26th October, 2005 at 10:48 am  

      I heard the news last night and at first I thought it had something to do with marking the 50th anniversary, but when the news reader finished by saying sh passed away, it came as a surprise. Still, she had good innings.
      That now historic day, where she stood up - or hould I say sat down - for her right to be accepted more than just an equal, as a human being, has come to symbolise human courgae in the face of ignorance, stupidity and evil.
      African-Americans have come a long way since then, but America is still a deeply segregated society, albei it more consciously than physically in the sense of Jim Crow and Slavery.
      Racism is a socially constructed phemonema that will sadly be with us for a long, long time. I’m talking beyond our lives, our kids, their kids and hey, even beyond that.
      Rosa Parks, let’s hope there’s a bus waiting for you when you get there.

    3. Laban Tall — on 26th October, 2005 at 9:38 pm  

      I’m just about old enough to remember the Rosa Parks story from when it happened. I thought those Southern whites were all supposed to be gentlemen ? You don’t take a lady’s seat whatever her colour …

      Thanks for giving Isiah a shout. It allways seems to be the good guys who suffer in situations like that. His poor family. I hope they nail the perpetrators but I’m not optimistic.

    4. — on 5th February, 2006 at 3:21 pm  

      The move left investors both optimistic and over-extended — as became apparent at the end of last week, when the rally hit a roadblock — and the stock market could be due for a bit more selling in the short term before attempting another run up, analysts say

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