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  • Love thy neighbour

    by SajiniW
    22nd February, 2007 at 1:58 pm    

    Who would’ve thought it? It seems a significant minority of “ethnic-friendly” Lib-Dem councillors in Burnley have made friends in all sorts of places.

    The Liberal Democrats have since taken steps to suspend John Jones and Jeff Sumner. Both men are known to have backed a BNP representative for a key local position. They’ve since retracted an apology for their actions, telling the Guardian that they had ‘no regrets’ about voting for BNP councillor Sharon Wilkinson - over her Labour rival - to join the board of a publicly-funded regeneration initiative.

    Whilst the votes cast had no bearing on the final outcome (Cllr Wilkinson was not elected), words were exchanged between the gentlemen concerned and their fellow Lib-Dem council leader, telling them that “this was conduct not becoming of an elected Liberal Democrat representative”.

    It’s interesting to note these individuals have supposedly ‘breached’ the party line. Given the furore over the BNP ballerina, I’d like to know whether you think it is acceptable to have members of racist parties on publicly-funded initiatives?

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    1. ally — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:15 pm  

      “The plans concerned affected residents of all wards, including Ms Wilkinson’s. Should these residents be penalised from having a say thanks to the politics of their councillor?”

      This makes no sense to me. One councillor had to win and won had to lose. That’s what happens when sub-committees are elected. What’s your point, Sajini?

      The meat of the article merely reinforces all my suspicions about Lib-Dems at council level.

    2. Amrit — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:15 pm  

      Oooh, I get the first post on a thread! I feel so big. :-P

      Just what position was it that Sharon Wilkinson was so ‘suitable’ for? I’m curious.

      And I’m sorry to be so rude, but she is quite terrifying looking. It had me hurrying right away from her profile

    3. Amrit — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:16 pm  

      Sorry, not the first post after all *hangs head.*

    4. SajiniW — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:20 pm  

      Sorry Ally - I’ve corrected the question.

    5. Leon — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:23 pm  

      Speaking of the scum BNP I’ve just been told I’m now on Redwatch (along with a few pictures they’ve of mine they’ve used without permission the bastards)…I must be a bigger threat to the fash than I realised…

    6. ally — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:34 pm  

      Ah we’ve all been there Leon, it’s no biggie. I’m still waiting for the first brick…

    7. Leon — on 22nd February, 2007 at 2:38 pm  

      Yeah fame at last! :D

    8. Juvenal — on 22nd February, 2007 at 3:44 pm  

      While blogging on this incident in January, I came across an enlightening edition of BNPTV on YouTube starring Ms Wilkinson. According to her, Building Schools for the Future is an exercise in social engineering, forcing Asian children to travel “out of their areas” in Burnley to go to school.

      It would be funny, if it wasn’t so offensive.

    9. Kulvinder — on 22nd February, 2007 at 5:37 pm  

      Given the furore over the BNP ballerina, I’d like to know whether you think it is acceptable to have members of racist parties on publicly-funded initiatives?

      If they’ve been elected yeah. I think this probably has more to do with local infighting and politics than anything.

    10. bananabrain — on 22nd February, 2007 at 5:39 pm  

      is “redwatch” anything like “jew watch”? it sounds like similar people.



    11. Leon — on 22nd February, 2007 at 5:41 pm  

      No idea, wouldn’t surprise me though…

    12. Jagdeep — on 22nd February, 2007 at 5:43 pm  

      Sorry, not the first post after all *hangs head.*

      hahaha that’s so funny.

      Don’t worry you say you like Virginia Woolf and Maupassant in your myspace so you’re still cool.

    13. Jagdeep — on 22nd February, 2007 at 5:45 pm  

      I’m waiting for someone to start up a ‘pickledpolitics watch’ to keep tabs on us Leon

    14. Anon+1 — on 22nd February, 2007 at 6:03 pm  

      Yawn. BNP are not racists, just nationalists who wish to protect the interests of their members.
      Go to a meeting sometime to see the real truth.

    15. Kulvinder — on 22nd February, 2007 at 6:20 pm  

      1) The British National Party represents the collective National, Environmental, Political,
      Racial, Folkish, Social, Cultural, Religious and Economic interests of the indigenous
      Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse folk communities of Britain and those we regard as
      closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the
      European race also resident in Britain. Membership of the BNP is strictly defined
      within the terms of, and our members also self define themselves within, the legal
      ambit of a defined ‘racial group’ this being ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ and defined ‘ethnic
      groups’ emanating from that Race as specified in law in the House of Lords case of
      Mandla VDowell Lee (1983) 1 ALLER 1062, HL.
      2) The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous
      Caucasian’consist of members of: i) The Anglo-Saxon Folk Community; ii) The Celtic
      Scottish Folk Community; iii) The Scots-Northern Irish Folk Community; iv) The
      Celtic Welsh Folk Community; v) The Celtic Irish Folk Community; vi) The Celtic
      Cornish Folk Community; vii) The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Folk Community; viii) The
      Celtic-Norse Folk Community; ix) The Anglo-Saxon-Norse Folk Community; x) The
      Anglo-Saxon-Indigenous European Folk Community; xi) Members of these ethnic
      groups who reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them.

    16. Kulvinder — on 22nd February, 2007 at 6:22 pm  

      Just so we’re clear, i don’t have any problem with them defining themselves along ‘racial group’ lines.

    17. Don — on 22nd February, 2007 at 6:48 pm  

      Folk community? Beards, real ale and sticking your finger in your ear to sing ‘The Old Dunn Cow’?

    18. Chairwoman — on 22nd February, 2007 at 7:17 pm  

      For heaven’s sake Kulvinder, it’s just not feasible for everything to be ok.

    19. Chairwoman — on 22nd February, 2007 at 7:21 pm  

      I believe in the past few months you have supported, amongst other things, cannibalism, niqabs, children’s self determination, nudity and now political groups defining themselves upon racial lines.

      I hope for your sake that you really are 6ft 5ins because you are well on the way to disappearing up your fundament, and frankly, you’re going to need the space!

    20. Don — on 22nd February, 2007 at 7:28 pm  


      Needed to be said.

    21. Leon — on 22nd February, 2007 at 7:57 pm  

      I’m waiting for someone to start up a ‘pickledpolitics watch’ to keep tabs on us Leon

      If they do I reckon we should hold a party! If they are really that terrified of the “red threat” (I mean c’mon language like that hasn’t been used since Thatcher was in power!) then we must be doing something right.:D

    22. Kulvinder — on 22nd February, 2007 at 9:40 pm  

      CW I still hate PETA!

    23. Tahir — on 22nd February, 2007 at 11:45 pm  

      yes, but what’s more interesting is that they describe themselves as ‘aborigonal’ and ‘indigenous’ which is part is like claiming they are on the same plain as aboriginals in Austrailia or indigenous people in North America. I also find it really interesting that the white working classes on the Isle of Dogs, in the London Docklands, also describe themselves in the same way. They’ve been told i reckon, brainwashed into believing they are threat of extinction which is why they use the same language and generate paranois and fear..


    24. John Christopher — on 23rd February, 2007 at 12:48 am  

      This whole saga confirms my suspicions that the Lib-Dems are……….I’ve got to keep my promise in not using any profanity.

    25. douglas clark — on 23rd February, 2007 at 1:03 am  

      John Christopher,

      I’ve considered myself a Liberal, voting for them even in lost causes. Your new age definition of Liberals, if I read you right, as opportunists, does not sit happily with my idea of what a Liberal actually is.

      These two twerps should have the whip suspended until they figure out who the hell they are supposed to represent.

      Your suspicions are not confirmed by a couple of power grabbing morons.


    26. Katherine — on 23rd February, 2007 at 12:19 pm  

      From what I can tell of this saga just from the posting here, the two councillors were criticised publically (and apparently, emotionally) by a fellow Lib Dem and have been suspended by the Liberal Democrats. Now, tell me again what that says about the Liberal Democrats?

    27. lithcol — on 23rd February, 2007 at 5:32 pm  

      I don’t mind pressure groups etc. defining themselves along racial, religious, sexual lines, but I draw the line at political parties. Given the diversity of our society, re: ethnic and racial origin, sexual identity there is no room for any political party that defines itself narrowly along a single dimension.
      The BNP is and always has been a white supremacist, deeply fascistic party. It doesn’t like Jews, people of colour , homosexuals, freedom of expression, socialism etc. .
      Unfortunately they are a legally constituted party that appears to have become a bit more savvy in recent years. Give them enough and they will eventually hang themselves.

    28. Owen Blacker — on 23rd February, 2007 at 6:06 pm  

      I wouldn’t worry about being on Redwatch, Leon. I’ve been on there for about five years now and I’ve heard not a thing from it. Bless ‘em. :)

    29. Sunny — on 23rd February, 2007 at 6:34 pm  

      CW I still hate PETA!

      Shut it you philistine. You’re a disgrace!

    30. Chairwoman — on 23rd February, 2007 at 6:58 pm  

      Sunny - Kulvinder has amused himself winding everyone up for the past couple of days. I am now not sure whether he’s the fifty year old, earringed, pony-tailed, dope smoker mentioned earlier in the week, or an angry ‘o’ level student.

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