The dawn of a new era

by Sunny
30th August, 2005 at 1:01 pm    

For too long has the voice of young, progressive British Asians been drowned out. This community, we say constantly, is too diverse to be stereotyped or thought of as one homogenous group.

We are becoming increasingly defined by our religion than our thoughts, political affiliations, ideas or for simply being British.

That suits the self-appointed religious leaders but they neither represent the younger, more progressive generations, nor the women, being typically male dominated organisations.

Pickled Politics is here to provide a new range of progressive voices that previously, we feel, were not being represented.

We want to change the way Asians are perceived and want to take our own community forward. In this aspect, we are unafraid to criticise the establishment – whether that be the political power-brokers or our own religious leaders.

Starting next week we will cover news, current affairs and events that matter to us all, provide you with informed opinion and allow you to engage in a debate with others.

Welcome to the jungle. We begin on Friday, 2nd September.

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  1. Don — on 2nd September, 2005 at 5:32 pm  

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Came here via Butterflies and Wheels and look forward to visiting your site regularly.

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