In the fond memory of a dear friend

Desipundit (27th June 2005 - 16th October 2006)

Sun could rise in the west, Sunny could marry and settle down, Rohin could return to us, Kismet Hardy could turn a celibate, Raz could finally hook me up with a “hot ‘n posh” Lahori gal, but never for once did I think that Patrix would let the sun go down on good ole DP. DP over last year has been my morning staple ( along with Sun’s page three ofcourse ). It was my window to the desi blogosphere. I remember those cosy spring afternoons i spent on DP when I should have been doing my GCSE work. Without DP I wouldnt have come across outrageous Great Bong or the very articulate Nitin Pai, the grand daddy of Indian blogosphere. More importantly it was DP who introduced us Picklers to the Desi blogosphere. A single DP link to my very first PP article gave a boost to my (already bloated) ego!
DP was there through all the highs and lows of Indian blogosphere. It was there to organise the Desi bloggers when IIPM and later the Indian government tried to take on the might of Indian blogosphere. Sadly with going of DP, Indian blogosphere has lost its voice. The premature demise of DP has inevitably turned the clock back on Desi blogosphere. But I guess all good things have to come to an end sometime, its time to move on. I’d also like to thank Pratek “Patrix” Mhatre and other Desipundits for putting together this wonderful site. As for DP, so long old friend…