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    A 17 yr. old twit, raised in Hindustan and Blighty. Currently a Computer Engineering undergrad at "Eww-yuck".

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Jul 2007
Just jumped off the boat!
Posted in General by Amey at 9:47 pm |

Hella folks!

Well I’m back. This time for sure! Have been out of the PP loop for a while! Anyways so another chapter has opened in the inter-continental ping pong ball that is my life. So i’ve finally landed in Yankee-land. I’ll be doing Computer Engineering (so typical of Indians innit?) at a big mid-western uni whose abbreviation sounds “Eww-yuck”. Mind ya this ain’t some crappy Midland polytechnic you attended back in early 90’s. I’m ofcourse at UIUC whose,

College of Engineering consistently ranks amongst the top five such engineering colleges in the United States, and is considered one of the most selective and elite engineering colleges in the world.

Take that punks :P .

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