And some people *still* believe in BBC…

Nitin Pai at The Acorn takes Biased Broadcasting Corporation to task for well… biased reporting. I’ve long given up on Beeb to be impartial in its reporting of Middle East and South Asia. But this BBC article about protests over execution of Mohammed Afzal takes its basied slant to a new low (if such a thing was possible)…

If Mr Afzal is executed, he will be the second Kashmiri to be hanged for separatist activities.

Nitin points out

There’s a tremendous difference between hanging murderers who happen to be separatists and hanging Kashmiris for separatist activities. It is hard to believe that the ‘BBC’ with all its fact-checkers and editors can’t tell the difference. There used to be a time when people used to cite its reports as authoritative accounts. That was a long time ago.

I’d like to add one more point… further down in the article Beeb writes,

In 1984, the founder leader of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Mohammad Maqbool Bhat, was hanged on charges of killing an Indian intelligence official..

The ‘intelligence official’ in question was Ravindra Mhatre, an Indian Foreign Service Diplomat who was abducted and murdered in Brumland by these ‘alleged separatist rebels’ in February 1984. Being partial with pretensions of impartiality is one thing while deliberate misinformation is an another thing altogether. Perhaps by misidentifying Mr.Mhatre as an intelligence official, BBC is trying to justify his murder (in retalition for ‘rape’, ‘murder’ and ‘torture’ by Indian army no doubt!). Given the fact this very murder took place in England, I suspect this more than just a goof up.