Sunny – Editor
Sunny is mostly a commentator and writer who runs Liberal Conspiracy, Asians in Media magazine and this place. He also writes regularly for the Guardian blog Comment is free.

He’s also written in the past for the Guardian, The Independent, The Times, Metro and the Financial Times. He is also sometimes invited to commentate on television and radio with his frequently ‘controversial’ (meaning unashamedly liberal) views.
Email: sunny[AT]pickledpolitics[DOT]com

Rumbold- Deputy Editor

Writes mainly on ‘honour’-based violence, far-right groups, disability and media treatment of minorities.

Email: pickledrumbold[at]


Rita Banerji
An author, free-lance writer and photographer and a gender activist from India. Her Sex and Power: Defining History, Shaping Societies was published by Penguin Books in 2008. She is also the founder and chief administrator of The 50 Million Missing Campaign which works to raise awareness about and fight female genocide in India.

Sarah Ismail
A blogger and DisAbled activist.

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